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Thanks are due to all the study teams who contributed to the development and field testing of this handbook. In Kenya, we would like to thank Tom Mboya, Veronica Moraa, Christian Odhiambo, and Zilpah Ouma (SHEWAS Project); in Tanzania, Mahalia Adamu, Adelina Chang'a, Peter Chuwa, Hashim Ibrahim, Vedasto Jalves, Mustapha Mbughu, Asha Msengwa, Stephen Mwendi, and Samuel Shaaban (WAMMA); in Ethiopia, Seble Beyene and Tsegaye Haile (GIBB/SEURECA and WSSA); in India, Anila Kumary, Kochu Rani Mathew, Lalachan, Lissy Paul, B. Manoharan, C. K. Nagesh, K. N. Nisha, K. Suresh Babu, Harish Kumar (KWA, Socio-economic Units), and Vijayalakshmi Ammal (Independent Consultant), and in Afghanistan, Abdul Qayeum Karim, Hayatullah Niaz, Abdul Hai Sahar and Shireen Sultan (BBC-AED Project) and Anne-Marie Wangel.

We would also like to thank those who provided financial and moral support to the above teams: Nancy George (ARUNET), David Adriance, Bud Crandall, Iskandar, Richard Odero, B.E.N. Okumu, Josiah Omotto and Beat Rohr (CARE Kenya), and Shoa Asfaha (CARE UK); Catherine Johnson, Julie Jarman, Saad Makwali, Brian Mathew, Mzee Pullinga, Ian Westbury, and Saada Westbury (WaterAid UK and Tanzania); Neil Chadder (GIBB/SEURECA, Ethiopia); Jens Bjerre (DANIDA, India) and Balachandra Kurup (Kerala Water Authority, Socioeconomic Units, India), Gordon Adam and John Butt (BBC-AED Project, UK and Pakistan); Victoria Ware and Marion Kelly (ODA, HPD).

We have benefitted from those who commented on an earlier draft of this handbook: Pete Kolsky, Sandy Cairncross, Simon Cousens, and Sharon Huttly (LSH&TM); John Pinfold (WaterAid, Uganda); Elena Hurtado (Consultant, Guatemala); Nancy Balfour and John Muturi (Environmental Health Programme, AMREF, Kenya). In particular, the peer-reviewers: Sarah Murray Bradley (Consultant, UK), John Gaskin (Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners Ltd., UK), Gillian Hundt (LSH&TM), Eva Kaltenthaler (Hallam University, UK), Harish Kumar and the Kerala study team mentioned above (Kerala Water Authority, Socioeconomic Units, India), Rose Lidonde (UNDP-World Bank, RWSG-EA, Kenya), Jane Moore (Consultant, UK), Yusaf Samiullah (ODA, Engineering), Darren Saywell (GARNET, UK), Shirazuddin Siddiqui, Shireen Sultan, Abdul Qayeum Karim, and Hayatullah Niaz (BBC-AED Project, Pakistan) and Simon Trace (WaterAid, UK) provided us with constructive and exciting ideas most of which were incorporated into the final manuscript. We are grateful to them for these and other suggestions which will be taken up in the dissemination of this handbook.

Many friends and colleagues have provided us with practical support and assistance in the production of this handbook. We would especially like to mention Caroline Smart, Rosetta Brown, and Nick Truefitt (LSH&TM), Alexander de Waal (African Rights, London) and Jenny Cooper (ACITHN, Brisbane, Australia).

This publication was financed by the Overseas Development Administration of the UK Government (ODA), Health and Population Division. The International Nutrition Foundation for Developing Countries (INFDC) and UNICEF also contributed towards the publication. UNICEF is supporting the handbook's distribution and dissemination including its translation into French and Spanish.

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