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Library Services for Participants to UNU/IC

The Library of the United Nations University (UNU) is available as an information centre to assist the achievement of the overall objectives of the UNU. Access to the Library by participants of the UNU International Course is as follows:

1. Admission: Participants of the UNU International Course (UNU/IC) have access to the Library.

2. Opening hours: 9:30 to 17:30. Library opening hours are extended during
the UNU/IC as follows:

Weekdays – 17:30 to 21:00 or 22:00 (Refer to the schedule)
Saturdays – Selected days only (Refer to the the above schedule)
Sunday – Selected day only (Refer to the above schedule)

3. Access to reserved books: A shelf unit for reserved books for the each course is located near the Library Counter. They can be consulted freely in the Library during above opening hours.

(1) Loan policy: Reserved book loan is permitted only for overnight with one item at a time per course. Overnight loan materials must be returned by 1:00 PM of the following day.

4. Book collection: Books are classified by the UNU Library Subject Scheme. They can be accessed freely but after your study, all items taken from shelf units must be placed at the Return Book Truck located near the shelf units.

(1) Loan policy: Books located at the Electronic Shelf Units may be borrowed for a period of one week with a maximum of two books. Materials on loan may be recalled at any time if another user or the Library staff requests them. An ID card must be presented and a loan record must be signed for each volume.
(2) Termination: Borrowing privileges will be terminated on 18 June 2010.

5. Reference books: Reference books arranged at the Reference Shelf Units are available only for consultation purposes within the Library. All items taken from the Reference Shelf Units must be placed at the Return Book Truck located near the shelf units.

6. Periodicals: All current periodicals are displayed at either the journal display racks or newsletter display shelf units. They are available only for consultation purposes within the Library.

7. CD-ROM searches: All CD-ROMs available in the Library are accessible only in the Library. Interested persons may receive user guidance upon prior arrangement for each item in order to ensure correct self-search operation.

8. Computer networks: Use of Web resources and the Library Collection Retrieval System are accessible from the computers provided for library users upon receiving user guidance.

9. Inter-Library Loan (ILL): This service cannot be made available for the participants due to the short period of affiliation with the UNU.

10. Photocopy & Computer Printout service: This service is available only by self-service operation and must conform to applicable copyright law. A charge of 50% less than external users is applied. Please refer to a list of photocopy and print charges.

(1) Payment: Payment should be made at the Library Counter. A receipt can be issued on request.

11. Reference service: The reference service staff will provide guidance to appropriate materials or electronic resources upon receiving a request via telephone, e-mail or reference inquiries at the Library Counter.

12. User responsibility: Every user is personally responsible for library materials on loan, thus any damage or loss incurred while borrowed will be charged for to the extent of replacement of such materials.

13. Behavioural Expectations: In order to maintain the Library's mission as a reliable resource of the UNU, in a pleasant atmosphere for all external visitors as well as members of the UN House, the following rules of conduct must be observed.

(1) Conduct that disturbs library users or staff, or that hinders others from using the Library or Library materials are prohibited.
(2) Access to office telephones, computers and any other facilities that are not provided for Library users is prohibited.
(3) Food, beverages, tobacco and use of personal communication appliances are prohibited in the Library.

14. The aforementioned regulations are subject to alteration in the interest of better library services.

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