The Eisaku Sato Essay Contest is an international competition that was established in memory of the late Eisaku Sato, former Prime Minister of Japan, with the monetary award that he received with his 1974 Nobel Peace Prize. The contest was inaugurated in 1980, and has been held annually since 1990.

The 2011 (28th) theme of the contest is “In a situation where a devastating natural disaster has occurred, and people remain apprehensive about a possible reoccurrence, prompt measures and efforts for prevention as well as restoration are indispensable. What are the role and potential efforts of the United Nations in such a case?"
UNU announcement4 November 2011

The winners of the 27th Eisaku Sato Memorial Prize Essay Contest were presented with their awards during a ceremony held at the United Nations University (UNU) headquarters in Tokyo on 21 July 2011. Please read the UNU news. 22 July 2011

The 2010 (27th) Eisaku Sato Essay Contest theme released. 12 October 2010

Contribution of International NGOs for the Objectives of the United Nations” Deadline is 28 February 2011

The winners of 2009 (26th) essay contest were announced.  The theme of the 2010 contest was “What Are the Prospects for Eliminating Nuclear Weapons, and What Role Can the United Nations Play?” Sixty-one essays were submitted: 51 in Japanese and 10 in English. An announcement by the United Nations University was released on 9  July 2010.

The winners of 2008 (25th)  Eisaku Sato Essay Contest were announced at the end of June 2009. Information is available here. 3 July 2009

The winners of 2007 (24th) essay contest were announced in June 2008. The award ceremony was held on 3 July 2008 at the United Nations University Headquarters. The original essays are accessible here.

The Themes of the Eisaku Sato Essay Contests 1st [1980] to 25th [2008]

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