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Environmental management project development with multi-sector involvement in the Least Developed Countries


The importance of strengthening academic resources on environmental management in the least developed countries cannot be overemphasized in order to achieve sustainable development in those countries. The focus of this component is to establish sustainable research/educational activities by assisting such academic institutes access to external funds. In order to mainstream faculty members’ focuses on their academic obligations and assist them to build their sustainable research resources, this component examines effectiveness and efficiency of small research grants as seed funds in combination with cross-sector involvement and research proposal capacity development. The multi-sector involvement of private sectors, NGOs, and governments is intended to help link the target academic activities on environmental management to site-specific field environmental problems with sustained financial resources. The target academic institutes will be selected in principle from the UN’s Least Developed Countries list. The selection of the candidate academic institute and researchers will be made with candidates with any previous participation in the UNU’s programmes and projects given the highest priority. The resulting outputs will be monitored and reflected into the small research grant policy.

UN List of Least Developed Countries


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