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Online Education – Videos
In this section you find specific material like audio/video copies of conferences, essays or PowerPoint presentations and other tutorial material concerning various aspects of Zero Emissions.

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This Video Portal is part of the content dissemination and preservation initiative of UNU spearheaded by Campus Computing Centre (UNU/C3). It provides a searchable catalogue of the digital memories of the important events produced by UNU, and UNU in cooperation with our network of partners. The generation of this catalogue is automatic based on metadata from each video.
Zero Emissions Symposium 2006
"Post-Kyoto Protocol" (only in Japanese)
May 26th, 2006
United Nations University, Tokyo (Japan)

Speakers include:
  • Harasawa, Hideo (Director, Social and Environmental Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES))
  • Mitsuhashi, Tadahiro (Professor, Chiba University of Commerce)
  • Sumi, Akimasa (Director, CentClimate System Research, University of Tokyo)
  • Tsuchiya, Haruki (President, Research Institute for Systems Technology)
  • Yasumoto, Akinobu (Executive Managing Director, Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.)
International Zero Emissions Symposium 2005
"Climate Change and Zero Emissions"
October 26th & 27th, 2005
United Nations University, Tokyo (Japan)

Speakers include:
  • Chahine, Georges (Lafarge - Cement Division)
  • Fujimura, Hiroyuki (Chairman UNU/ZEF)
  • Fujimori, Yoshiaki (GE Japan Ltd.)
  • Hibi, Yasushi (Conservation International)
  • Nishioka, Shuzo (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
  • Mitsuhashi, Tadahiro (UNU/ZEF Representative - Local Government Network)
  • Rapf, Oliver (WWF International, Climate Change Program)
  • Makino, Mitsuo (Mayor, Iida City)
  • Matsuoka, Toyoto (Tokyo Electric Power Co.)
  • Tanaka, Kenji (Ricoh Company Ltd.)
  • Totten, Michael (Center for Environmental Leadership in Business Conservation Int.)
  • Van Ginkel, Hans (Rector UNU)
  • Wyman, Michelle (ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, USA Inc.)
Zero Emissions Symposium 2004
  • Fujimura, Hiroyuki (Chairman UNU/ZEF)
  • Kobayashi, Yotaro (Chairman Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)
  • Koike, Yuriko (Japanese Minister of the Environment)
  • Martinez-Alier, Joan (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
  • Mitsuhashi, Tadahiro (Chiba University of Commerce)
  • Okabe, Keiichiro (Chairman Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.)
  • Pachauri, Rajendra K. (Chairman IPCC)
  • Robčrt, Karl-Henrik (Chairman, The Natural Step International)
  • Schmidt-Bleek, Friedrich (President, Factor 10 Institute)
  • Suzuki, Motoyuki (Special Programme Advisor UNU)
  • Van Ginkel, Hans (Rector UNU)
  • Yamamoto, Ryoichi University of Tokyo)