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News – 2006
In this section all relevant News concerning the UNU Zero Emissions Forum's work are concentrated.
02 June 2006
5th International StEP Gathering
28 & 29 June 2006
Venue: Antwerp (Belgium)
Organizers: UNU/ZEF European Focal Point
Language: English
10 May 2006
Zero Emissions Symposium 2006
"Post-Kyoto Protocol"
26 May 2006
Venue: UN House, Tokyo (Japan)
Organizers: UNU/ZEF
Language: Japanese
25 April 2006
StEP Side-Event
International Conference IEEE/ISEE 2006
08 May 2006
Venue: San Francisco (USA)
Organizers: MIT, UC Berkeley, UNU/ZEF European Focal Point
Language: English
10 January 2006
Zero Emissions Forum in Naha
Visions of "Sustainable Energy and Our Society"
26 January 2006
Venue: Naha, Okinawa (Japan)
Organizers: Okinawa Prefecture & UNU/ZEF
Language: Japanese