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Note to the Reader from the UNU

The work presented in this volume emanates from a United Nations University project on Climatic, Biotic, and Human Interactions in the Humid Tropics. The project was conceived to tackle the complex problem of reducing environmental degradation while simultaneously satisfying the development needs and aspirations of populations in the humid tropics.

Particularly important for the preparation of the present volume was a comprehensive field study carried out on the transformation of the tropical rainforest in Southeast Nigeria. The study investigated the effects of deforestation and land use on soil, hydrology, micro-climate, and productivity, with the specific objectives to (i) build a basic scientific body of knowledge that enables the rational use of land and water resources; (ii) provide guidelines for the management of land resources for economically viable and sustained productivity; (iii) create awareness of the food production potentials and limitations of the humid tropics; and (iv) provide training opportunities.

This volume draws upon the above, as well as other related research carried out under the United Nations University project, to provide guidelines for sustainable management of soil resources in the humid tropical regions of the world

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