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The urban challenge in Africa: Growth and management of its large cities

Table of Contents

Edited by
Carole Rakodi

United Nations University Press

The United Nations University, 1997

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ISBN 92-808-0952-0

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The urban challenge in Africa: growth and management of its large cities/edited by Carole Rakodi.
p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN 9280809520 (pbk.)

1. Cities and towns - Africa - Growth.
2. Urbanization - Africa.
3. Urban policy - Africa. I. Rakodi, Carole.

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1 Introduction

Part I Globalization and Africa: The challenge of urban growth

2 Global forces, urban change, and urban management in Africa
3 Urbanization, globalization, and economic crisis in Africa

Part II The "mega-cities" of Africa

4 The challenge of urban growth in Cairo
5 Johannesburg: A city and metropolitan area in transformation
6 The challenges of growth and development in metropolitan Lagos
7 Kinshasa: A reprieved mega-city?
8 Abidjan: From the public making of a modern city to urban management of a metropolis
9 Nairobi: National capital and regional hub

Part III The dynamics of city development

10 Globalization or informalization? African urban economies in the 1990s
11 Residential property markets in African cities
12 The state and civil society: Politics, government, and social organization in African cities
13 Urban lives: Adopting new strategies and adapting rural links

Part IV Rising to the challenge

14 Towards appropriate urban development policy in emerging mega-cities in Africa
15 Urban management: The recent experience

16 Conclusion