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Industrial Metabolism: Restructuring for Sustainable Development
Edited by Robert U. Ayres and Undo E. Smionis

This ground study presents a new way of looking at one of the most pressing problems facing humanity today: industrial development in the face of global environmental change. In its original biological context, "metabolism" refers to the internal processes of a living organism: "industrial" metabolism", by analogy, describes all the physical processes that covert raw materials and energy into finished products. The concept can be applied globally, to nations or regions, as well as at the level of a firm or manufacturing enterprise.

ISBN 92- 808-0841-9

Steering Business Toward Sustainability
Edited by Fritjof Capra & Gunter Pauli

This book to steer the business community towards "greener" industrial practices that are also profitable. Business executives, economists, and ecologists outline new practical approaches to meet the challenge of sustainability. The contributions argue that business people have a strong self-without sustainability there will, in effect, be no more profits.

ISBN 92 - 808 - 0909 - 1

Environment, Energy, and Economy: Strategies for Sustainability
Edited by Yoichi Kaya and Keiichi Yokobori

This book looks at various aspects of the interrelationship among the environment, energy requirements, and economic development in developing as well as industrialized countries. It emphasizes such issues as the growing importance of developing countries in energy consumption and increased stress on the environment, the likelihood of growing energy requirements and associated environmental burdens, including higher greenhouse gas contributions; the importance of deforestation and desertification and their impact on rural societies in developing countries; the role of new technologies in solving the trilemma of energy, economic development, and the environment, and the opportunities for developing countries by implementing phased approaches; and the need for removing technological, market, and social barriers to achieve sustainable development.

ISBN 92 - 808 - 0911 - 3

Eco-restructuring: Implications for Sustainable Development

Following on from the critically acclaimed Industrial Metabolism, this study provides a significant contribution to the literature on sustainability by identifying, on a sectoral basis, the critical issues facing the world as a whole, and the technical feasibility of addressing them. A new paradigm of eco-restricting for sustainable development is introduced, involving shifts in technology, economic activities and lifestyles needed to harmonize human activities with natural systems.

This volume analyses a number of sectors and technological fields that are involved in the search for sustainable patterns of industrialization. Each technology chapter presents, in a self-contained and comprehensive way, the state of the sector, the primary issues that concern the sector's sustainability and the technical means for achieving sustainable outcomes. Comprehensive coverage is given on the fields of material, various energy technological and futures, tropical land use, transport and industrial space use, ecological process engineering, and agro-engineering. The volume also contains chapters on systems views of the broader eco-restructuring concept, including its biophysical basis, global eco-restructuring and technological change, and national and international policy instruments and institutions.

Set forth in this way, the book breaks new ground in the understanding of sustainability as a multi-and interdisciplinary area.

Robert U. Ayres is Sandoz Professor of Management and the Environment at the European Institute of Business Administration (INSED), Fontainebleau, France.

Paul M. Weaver is Director of the Centre for Eco-efficiency, Enterprise and Economy, Universities of Durham and Portsmouth, UK.

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