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United Nations University Press
53-70, Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150, Japan

Information Technology in Selected Countries Reports from Ireland, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania
Edited by Eileen P. Drew and F. Gordon Foster

Taking as a point of departure experiences in Ireland with processes of information technology innovation, this study explores in three country studies the main features of innovation in the 1970s and 1980s with the aim of providing insights and comparison for further development.

ISBN 92-808-0831-1
US$27, airmail US$32
Developing country price: US$13.50, airmail US$18.50

The Uncertain Quest
Science, Technology, and Development
Edited by Jean-Jacques Salomon, Francisco R. Sagasti, and CÚline Sachs-Jeantet

This firm-of-a-kind sourcebook gathers together the perspectives and expertise of an international body of specialists in science and technology policy to examine the role of science and technology in development, and to assess their social, economic, and political dimensions.

ISBN 92-808-0835-4
US$43, airmail US$48
Developing country price: US$21.50, airmail US$26.50

Technological Independence
The Asian Experience
Edited by Saneh Chamarik and Susantha Goonatilake

This volume examines the experiences and perspectives of technological development in six Asian countries: China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand.

ISBN 92-808-0758-7
US$40, airmail US$45
Developing country price: US$20, airmail US$25

New Technologies Across the Atlantic
US Leadership or European Autonomy?
By Mario Pianta

This book examines the comparative performances and strategies of the US, Japanese, and European economies and new technology development.

ISBN 0-7450-0442-3
US$55, airmail US$62

This study examines how the potential of new information technologies can be used to broaden access to science and technology for social and economic development. Noting the growing disparities between countries in terms of access to information, the study considers the opportunities of developing countries to use the new information technologies. Additionally, recognizing the uneven success of recent strategies aimed at improving capabilities, the study takes as its central focus the requirements for planning future infrastructure development.

The study also examines such aspects as technological experiences in database and data bank construction and use, communication networks, and the problems developing countries encounter in acquiring, adapting, and using new information technologies. Particular attention is paid to the general area of intelligent information access.

This comprehensive report will be of interest to planners and specialists concerned with the role of information technologies in improved access to science and technology.

Ines Wesley-Tanaskovic, the Coordinator of the UNU Programme on Microprocessors and Informatics, has been active in the area of science information systems at the international level for over 30 years.

Jacques Tocatlian, the former Director of the Office of Information Programmes and Services, UNESCO, has managed information and library development activities in many countries around the world for some 25 years.

Kenneth H. Roberts has devoted much of his professional life to the promotion of the development of library and information services, particularly in developing countries. He has written extensively on the evolution of the information field.

ISBN 92-808-0844-3
04700 P

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