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United Nations
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Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Development
Edited by CC. Weerarnantry

The present work represents an effort to develop a conceptual framework for the study of the interaction between human rights and scientific and technological development and review the current state of research in the

ISBN 92-808-0731-5
US$35, airmail US$40
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Information Technology in Selected Countries
Reports from Ireland Ethiopia Nigeria and Tanzania
Edited by Eileen P. Drew and F. Gordon Foster

Taking as a point of departure experiences in Ireland with processes of information technology innovation this study explores in three count studies the main features of innovation in the 1971s and 1980s with the aim of providing insights and comparison for fur her development

ISBN 92-808-OB31-1
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New Technologies across the Atlantic US Leadership or European Autonomy?
By Mario Pianta

The book examines the comparative performances and strategies of the
US Japanese and European economies and new technology development.
ISBN 0-7450-0442-3
Published with Harvester Wheatsheaf, 16 Ship Street Brighton, Sussex BN1 1 AD
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Harvester Wheatsheaf elsewhere order from UNU Press (US$55, airmail US$60).

Technological Innovation and the Development of Transportation in Japan
Edited by Hirofumi Yamamoto

Covering roughly 120 years from 1 867 to 1980 this comprehensive work describes and analyses the history of the modern development of transportation in Japan.

ISBN 92-808-0551-7
US$50, airmail US$57
Developing country price: US$, airmail US$32

Asia is home to several civilizations and cultural traditions. Its population constitutes nearly two-thirds of the world's total, and its booming economies are shifting the world's centre of economic and industrial gravity away from the North Atlantic sphere. The countries of Asia are thus quickly becoming key players in the world economic arena.

This book examines the science and technology acquisition strategies of six key countries - Japan, Korea, China' the Philippines, Thailand, and India. It describes policy and policy development in each country in the postwar period, and provides an in-depth analysis of specific industries in the different countries with an emphasis on technology acquisition policies.

The book is extensive in its geographical and historical coverage and, at the same time, detailed in its examination of individual country policies and industries within each country.

This close look at the Asian experience will be of particular interest to planners, the business community, and scholars of technology and development.

Saneh Chamarik is President of the Local Development Institute, Bangkok.

Susantha Goonatilake is a Consultant in technology for the UNDP and a Visiting Scholar at the New School for I Social Research, New York.

ISBN 92-808-0758-7

United Nations
University Press

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