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Note to the reader from the UNU

The interface between science, technology, and society has been one of the major research concerns of the United Nations University since its inception. The Programme on "Technology Transfer, Transformation, and Development; The Japanese Experience," for instance, enquired into the infrastructure of technology, human resources development, and social and economic conditions, and analysed the problems of the technological development process in modern Japan.

The University decided to continue to examine this important subject in the light of different experiences in selected countries in Asia in a comparative, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary framework. The present volume presents the findings of collaborative research by Asian scholars and scientists. The country research teams looked into the socio-economic factors for self-reliance, or its creation of a sustained growth process in science and technology for national development, with a view to providing policy makers, business leaders, and researchers with policy guidelines and research agenda based on empirical research.

Readers are also invited to refer to several publications emanating from another Programme on "Technological Prospective for Latin America," such as "Las nuevas tecnologías y el future de América Latina" and "El futuro ecológico de un continente."

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