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Appendix: Position papers

Section 1: Science and Technology as Formative Factors of Contemporary Civilization - from Domination to Liberation

Henri Lefebvre: "Le nécessaire et le possible dans la formation du mondial."
Rajko Tomovic: "Technology and Society."
A.N. Pandeya: "Imagination, insight, and understanding: reflections on the culture of science in a changing world."
Yves Barel: "Paradigmes scientifiques et Autodétermination humaine."

Section 2: Technology Generation and Transfer - Transformation Alternatives

Slobodan Ristic: "Collective self-reliance of developing countries in the fields of science and technology."
Kenji Kawano: "Science and technology in Japanese history."
Imre Marton: "Les mythes technicistes et antitechnicistes en Afrique (conflits entre traditionalité et modernité)."
Vesna Besarovic: "Legal aspects of the transfer of technology in modern society."
Vladimir Stambuk: "Philosophy (concepts) of scientific and technological development. "
José Leite Lopes: "Science and the making of contemporary civilization."

Section 3: Biology, Medicine, and the Future of Mankind

Bruno Ribes: "La maîttrise de la vie: Pour quoi faire?"
Yuji Mori: "Restructuring a framework for assessment of science and technology as a driving power for social development: a biosociological approach."
Ljubisa Rakic: "Human aspects of medical sciences: medical technology and the responsibility of the physician."

Section 4: The Control of Space and Power

Osama el-Kholy: "Towards a clearer definition of the role of science and technology in transformation."
Jose Agustin Silva Michelena: "Science and politics in a changing world."
Zoran Vidakovic: "The technology of repression and repressive technology: the social bearers and cultural consequences."
Luiz Pinguelli Rosa: "Nuclear energy in Latin America: the Brazilian case."

Section 5: From Intellectual Dependence to Creativity

Guillermo Bonfil Batalla: "La apropiación y la recuperación de las ciencias sociales en el contexto de los proyectos culturales endógenos."
Miroslav Pecujlic: "On the edge of a razor blade (the new historical blocs and socio-cultural alternatives in Europe)."
Tetsuro Nakaoka: "Science and technology in the history of modern Japan - imitation or endogenous creativity?"
Zvonimir Damjanovic: "Science and technology as organic parts of contemporary culture."
Gregory Blue: "Joseph Needham's contribution to the history of science and technology in China."

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