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UNU Press Books

Alphabetical listing of titles under
Natural Resources Development

Cloud Forests in the Humid Tropics: • A Bibliographic Review
By Thomas Stadtmüller

Conflict over Natural Resources in South-East Asia and the Pacific
Edited by Lim Teck Ghee and Mark J. Valencia

Ecology and the Politics of Survival
By Vandana Shiva and J. Bandyopadhyay

Economics of the Philippine Milkfish Resource System
By Kee-Chai Chong, Ian R. Smith, and Maura S. Lizarondo
Resource Systems Theory and Methodology Series, No. 4

Hydropolitics along the Jordan River: Scarce Water and its Impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Aaron T. Wolf

The Impacts of Opencast Mining on the Rivers and Coasts of New Caledonia
By Eric C.F. Bird, Jean-Paul Dubois, and Jacques A. Iltis

In Place of the Forest: Environmental and Socio-economic Transformation in Borneo and the Eastern Malay Peninsula
Harold Brookfield, Lesley Potter, and Yvonne Byron

Land Resources of the People's Republic of China
Edited by Kenneth Ruddle and Wu Chuanjun
Resource Systems Theory and Methodology Series, No. 5

Long-Distance Water Transfer: A Chinese Case Study and International Experiences
Edited by Asit K. Biswas, Zuo Dakang, James E. Nickum, and Liu Changming

Man in the Mangroves: The Socio-economic Situation of Human Settlements in Mangrove Forests
Edited by Peter Kunstadter, Eric C.F. Bird, and Sanga Sabhasri

Managing Water for Peace in the Middle East: Alternative Strategies
Masahiro Murakami

Natural Resources and Development in the Sahel: The Role of the United Nations System
Edited by Lee H. MacDonald

Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid Lands: Case Studies from the Sudan
Edited by H.R.J. Davies

Proceedings of the Jakarta Workshop on Coastal Resources Management
Edited by Eric C.F. Bird and Aprilani Soegiardo

Sustaining the Future: Economic, Social, and Environmental Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
Edited by George Benneh, William B. Morgan, and Juha I. Uitto

Transforming Natural Resources for Human Development: A Resource Systems Framework for Development Policy
By K. Ruddle and D. A. Rondinelli
Resource Systems Theory and Methodology Series, No. 1

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