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UNU Press Books

Alphabetical listing of titles under
Agriculture and Land Management

African agriculture: The critical choices
Edited by Hamid Aït Amara and Bernard Founou-Tchuigoua

Agricultural Expansion and Pioneer Settlements in the Humid Tropics
Edited by Walter Manshard and William B. Morgan

Agroforesterie en Afrique tropicale humide
Edited by L.H. MacDonald

Agroforestry in the African Humid Tropics
Edited by L.H. MacDonald

Agroforestry in the Pacific Islands: Systems for Sustainability
Edited by W.C. Clarke and R.R. Thaman

Arid Zone Settlement in Australia: A Focus on Alice Springs
By D.N. Parkes, I. H. Burnley, and S. R. Walker

Bioconversion of Organic Residues for Rural Communities

Cloud Forests in the Humid Tropics: • A Bibliographic Review
By Thomas Stadtmüller

Colonization and Environment: Land Settlement Projects in Central America
Edited by Jeffrey R. Jones

Compiling Data for Food Composition Data Bases
By William M. Rand, Jean A.T. Pennington, Suzanne P. Murphy, and John C. Klensin

Compte rendu du Séminaire sur la gestion des terres arides en Afrique de l'Ouest
[Report of the Seminar on Arid Lands Management in West Africa]

Edited by Jean Gallais

The crisis in African agriculture - Studies in African political economy
Mohamed Lamine Gakou

Development Projects in the Sudan: An Analysis of Their Reports with Implications for Research and Training in Arid Land Management
Edited by Heinz-Ulrich Thimm

Environment, Biodiversity and Agricultural Change in West Africa: • Perspectives from Ghana •
Edited by Edwin A. Gyasi and Juha I. Uitto

Interfaces between Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Science
Edited by K. T. Achaya

Land Policy and Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa
Edited by J.W. Arntzen, L.D. Ngcongco, and S.D. Turner

Obstacles to Tree Planting in Arid and Semi-arid Lands: Comparative Case Studies from India and Kenya
By Jeffrey Burley

Proceedings of the Khartoum workshop on arid lands management
Edited by J.A. Mabbutt

Research and Training for Management of Arid Lands: With Special Reference to Anglophone Africa and the University of Khartoum
Edited by J. A. Mabbutt

Rural Development in White Nile Province, Sudan: A Study of Interaction between Man and Natural Resources
Edited by H. R. J. Davies

Shifting Cultivation in Northern Thailand: Possibilities for Development
By Terry B. Grandstaff
Resource Systems Theory and Methodology Series, No. 3

Social, Economic, and Institutional Aspects of Agro-forestry
Edited by J. K. Jacobson

Strategies for Improved Management of Latin American Drylands
Edited by J. A. Mabbutt, H. J. Schneider, and R. Nava

The Use of Organic Residues in Rural Communities
Edited by Cyril A.Shacklady

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