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Interviews (carried out 1989-1992)

United States

Valerie Amiel, World Bank
Imad Badran, Embassy of Jordan
Senator Howard Baker
Cal Burwell, formerly of Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Dwayne Chapman, Cornell University
Jerry Delli Priscoli, US Army Corps of Engineers
Abdel Azim El-Gazzar, Egyptian Embassy
Arun Elhance, US Institute of Peace
Yossef Elkanna, Israeli Embassy
Steve Grumman, US Department of State
Fred Hof, US Department of State
Allen Kieswetter, US Department of State
Ambassador Samuel Lewis, US Institute of Peace
Steve Lintner, World Bank
Joyce Starr, Global Water Summit Initiative
Ardy Stoutjesdijk, World Bank
Karen Stuart, US Department of State
Ismail Turkoz, Turkish Embassy
Alvin Weinberg, past Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Gordon Wolman, Johns Hopkins University

Israel and the West Bank

Joseph Alpher, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies
Meier Ben-Meier, former Water Commissioner
Pedro Berliner, Ben-Gurion University
Menahem Cantor, former Water Commissioner
Shmuel Cantor, Mekorot
Rahamim Cohen, Mekorot
Nader El-Khatib, Palestinian Hydrology Group
Pinhas Glueckstern, Mekorot
Zeev Golani, Mekorot
Shlomo Gur, Planning and Development, Ltd
Jad Isaac, Applied Research Institute
Arye Issar, Ben-Gurion University
Elisha Kally, engineer
Avraham Katz-Oz, former Minister of Agriculture
Gamal Khativ, teacher, town of Ghajar
Chuck Lawson, US Embassy in Tel Aviv
Avraham Nadal, Mekorot
Avraham Ofir, Israel Desalination Engineering
Haim Paldi, engineer
Reuven Pedhatzor, journalist, Jaffee Center
General (retired) Arye Shalev
General (retired) Avraham Tamir
Avner Turgeman, Mekorot
Yehoshua Schwartz, Tahal
Martin Sherman, Ministry of Agriculture
Gerald Stanhill, Volcani Center
Moshe Yisraeli, Ministry of Economics and Planning
Aharon Zohar, formerly with Tahal


Amit Agarwall, US Embassy in Amman
Sweilem Haddad, former Director of East Ghor, All-Arab Canal Projects
Mohammed Ma'ali, Mideast Studies Center
Jamil Rashdan, Ministry of Water
Elias Salameh, University of Amman


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