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The editors are grateful to the many people who assisted in the research, writing, and editing, and production of this book, including: Tom Athanasiou, Harriet Barlow, Marcy Darnovsky, Sandic Dela Cruz, Howard Geller, Peter Green and colleagues at Mac Advice, Allen Hammond, John Holdren, Evelyn Klinkmann, Rob Lindgren, Alan Miller, Irving Mintzer, Frank Muller, Cassandra Morrow, Pahdma Muthiah, Toufiq Siddiqi, Helen Takeuchi, John Topping, Chieko Umetsu, Mark Valencia, Megan Van Frank, David Victor, Isabel Wade, Lyuba Zarsky, and three anonymous reviewers.

We are especially grateful for support and encouragement received from Dr Juha Uitto and Dr Roland Fuchs, Academic Officer and Vice Rector respectively of United Nations University; to United Nations University Press; to Jonathan Sinclair Wilson and Jo O'Driscoll of Earthscan Publications; and to Ian Carruthers of the Australian Department of Arts, Sports, Environment, Tourism and Territories for permission to draw in Chapters 5 and 6 on a study commissioned by the Department.

As always, any errors in this book remain the responsibility of the editors and authors.

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