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Food Composition Data

A User's Perspective
Edited by William M. Rand, Carol T. Windham, Bonita W. Wyse, and Vernon R. Young

Examines current problems and needs for improvement providing ;an essential introduction and survey of the subject for those involved in gathering. compiling. or using food composition data.

ISBN 92-808-0633-5; 236 pages paper
US$20: airmail US$28
Developing country price: US$10

Identification of Food Components for INFOODS Data Interchange

By John C. Klensin, Diane Feskanich, Victor Lin, A. Stewart Truswell, and David A. T. Southgate

This boor; makes available for the first time a comprehensive standardization of nomenclature for international nutrient data exchange. The reader is provided with a straightforward Net of rules for identifying food components precisely and constructing data base suitable for transfer between computers.

ISBN 92-808-0734-x: 1 12 pages: paper
US$20: airmail US$27
Developing country price: US$10

Compiling Data for Food Composition Data Bases

By William M. Rand, Jean A. T. Pennington, Suzanne P. Murphy, and John C. Klensin

Focuses specifically on the issues involved in gathering and estimating where here necessary, the data for food composition tables and data bases with the goal of' making future data bases more consistent. more compatible, and more useful to a wider audience.

ISBN 92-808-0772-2; 78 pages: paper
US$20; airmail US$ 27
Developing country price US$10.

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