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Appendix B element registration form


This appendix contains a sample form for registering a new element, as discussed in Chapter 7. Updated versions of the form will be supplied to regional data centres as needed.

A complete registration application must include:

As discussed in Chapter 7, existing element contents may sometimes be extended. A proposal to extend an existing element must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the format and content of that element. Such a proposal must justify the extension thoroughly, including providing documentation in support of the extension and explaining why an existing element should be extended rather than registering a new element.


Date of Submission:
Name: Title:

Address (include country and INFOODS region):

Telephone: Telex:
Cable: Fax:

Electronic mail address (with network and routing information as defined for the <email/> element):

Proposed Element or Modification Category

Only elements subsidiary to <food> or <header> elements, or their subsidiary elements, may be registered. Indicate whether this application proposes (select one):

Definition and Justification

Define and justify the proposed element in the context of the interchange system and its existing elements:

Secretariat/Registration Authority Use Only


The proposed element is immediately subsidiary to (select one):

The proposed tag for the element is: <________>.


The proposed element is immediately subsidiary to (select one):

The proposed tag for the element is: <_________>.

Units of Measure (required)

For elements subsidiary to <comp>, describe the common or default unit of measurement for expressing the quantity per 100g of edible portion of food:

If a unit of measure other than milligrams is used, explain:

For elements subsidary to <drvd-comp>, describe the common or default unit of measurement for expressing the quantity per quantity of food component and identify the component (for example, "mg/g nitrogen" or "mg/100g protein"):

Subsidiary <Units/> Element (required)

The proposed element (select one):

Synonyms (required)

Identify synonymous names by which the food component or derived component is known (including common abbreviations):

Data Tables and Literature (required)

If data on the specific food component or derived component now appear in data bases, tables, or other literature sources, or are expected to appear in tables, articles, or data bases in preparation, provide a reference for (at least some of) those tables. If the component does not appear in food composition data bases, tables, or literature sources, explain why the proposed element should be registered:

Analytic Methods

Identify literature references' for any specific methods of analysis or computation associated with the proposed element:

Existing Elements

If the proposed element concerns a component or derived component which has already been registered in the interchange system (according to a different analytic method or some other criterion), identify the features of the proposed element distinguishing it from the existing element(s) for the component or derived component in question:


The proposed element's content is composed of (select the one which is applicable):

A. Data

How many data values are: Data values are:

  • required:
  • optional:
  • ordered
  • unordered

Data values may be (select one):

Explain the meaning of the data values. If any values are optional, explain what their absence means. Provide any additional information which would contribute to proper interpretation of the values:

B. Keywords

Provide a list of valid keywords and their meanings:

Should additions to this list be permitted in the future?

If YES, define the rules for keyword extension. If NO, explain briefly why not:

C. Subsidiary Elements

Define all subsidiary elements. (If the subsidiary element already exists in the interchange system [e.g., any element listed in this manual, such as <cmt/>], or is specific to the proposed element only, it must be identified here. If the subsidiary element does not already exist and could be used more generally in the interchange system, it should be listed here and a separate registration application included with this application.):


List and explain any cross-references to other elements:

Additional Information

List any relevant additional information, if any:


Provide an example of a complete proposed element. If the element may contain optional data fields, please give several examples and explain their interpretation:

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