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INFOODS Food Composition Data Interchange Handbook

Table of contents (170 p.)


United Nations University Press

The United Nations University, 1992

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John C. Klensin is Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Architecture, Project Coordinator for INFOODS, and Director of the INFOODS Secretariat at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.



Part I: Introduction and overview

1. Introduction to the Interchange System
2. Technical overview
3. Introduction to the reference material

Part II: The reference sections

4. The header elements
5. The food element and subelements
6. Data values and data description

Part III: Processing data and interchange files

7. Registering elements
8. Conversion of data to interchange format
9. Conversion of data from interchange format

Appendix A registered international food record identifiers

Appendix B element registration form



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