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Effective Communications for Nutrition in Primary Health Care

Table of contents (218 p.)

Edited by Jean E. Andersen and Aree Valyasevi

Report of the Asian Regional Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, 3-7 October 1983

The reflect United Nations University, 1988

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Opening address
1. Nutrition in primary health care
2. A framework for looking at nutrition communication needs in Asia
3. The potential impact of nutrition education
4. The use of ethnography in the development and communication of messages for modifying food behaviour
5. Communication planning for effective nutrition programmes
6. A general approach to behaviour change

How to use the worksheets

7. The A-B-C model for developing communication to change behaviour
8. Evaluation models for assessing the effects of media-based nutrition education
9. Evaluating the impact of health education systems
10. A suggested framework for a social marketing programme
11. An evaluation of the effect of a communication system on the knowledge of mothers and nutritional status of preschool children in rural Philippines

APPENDIX 7. Philippine Nutrition Program Implementing Guidelines on the Barangay Nutrition Scholars Project

12. Nutrition education and behaviour change project, Indonesian nutrition improvement programme
13. Communication for behavioural change in Thailand: Radio v. Video van
Country and project reports

Efficacy of nutrition education and training for rural populations in Bangladesh through appropriate communications
Status report on nutrition communication activities in India
Nutrition education in the Indonesian family nutrition improvement programme (UPGK)
A package of slides for a demonstration project of urban primary health care in the republic of Korea
Country report on nutrition communication activities in Malaysia
Nutrition communications in Nepal
Supplementary feeding and nutrition education in Pakistan
Child health care in the new China
Sri Lanka

Report and recommendations
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