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Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid Lands: Case Studies from the Sudan
Edited by H.R.J. Davies

Case studies of four pressing problems of dryland resource management: aura (Sorghum vulgare) production and its parasite buda (Striga hermonthica), the impact of improved rural water supplies on the environment, the use of wood resources in the Nuba Mountains, and planners' and participants' differing perceptions of development.

NRTS-24/UNUP-504 ISBN 92-808-0504-5
84 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$15

Land Policy and Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa
Edited by J.W. Arntzen, L.D. Ngcongco, and S.D. Turner

Various aspects of land policy issues in eastern and southern Africa are presented in this report, which is the outcome of a workshop held in Botswana in 1982. The main focus of this collection of 16 papers is the problems of food production, including farming and food policies, in relation to the management of natural resources and environmental considerations. Individuals and institutions concerned with land policy and development, especially in the arid regions of Africa, will find it a useful reference.

NRTS-28/UNUP-604 ISBN 92-808-0604-1
156 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$20

Natural Resources Development in the Sahel: The Role of the United Nations System
by Lee H. MacDonald

This study examines the impact of development aid on natural resources (particularly agriculture, livestock, and forests) and human populations in the Sahel. It also analyses the extent to which aid products contribute to the development of a strong, sustainable resource base. The focus is on United Nations programmes, which are compared with those of other multi-lateral and bilateral donors.

NRTS-20/UNUP-442 ISBN 92-808-0422-7
95 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$12

Man in the Mangroves: The Socio-economic Situation of Human Settlements in Mangrove Forests
Edited by Peter Kunstadter, Eric C.F. Bird, and Sanga Sabhasri

Mangrove forests form a dynamic ecosystem, rich in resources and serving multiple ecological functions, and have traditionally supported a variety of human settlements. But they are now threatened with severe damage or destruction through unrestricted commercial exploitation and "reclamation." This collection of papers from a workshop held in Thailand in 1986 examines a broad range of human-mangrove relationships around the world and the associated problems of development.

NRTS-29/UNUP-607 ISBN 92-808-0607-6
127 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$15


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