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A. Vernacular and English Equivalents of Latin Names for Flora

Acacia albide: haraz
Acacia mellifera: kitr
Acacia nubica: la'ot
Acacia sebeniana: umm surrog
Acacia senegal: hashab - gum arabic tree
Acacia sayal: talh
Adansonia digitata: tebeldi - baobab
Adenium hongel: shagart el sim - Kordofan poison tree
Albizia sericocephala: arrada
Anogeissus leiocarpus: se iI ag
Anogeissus schemperi: sahab
Aristida mutabilis: gaw
Azadirachta indica: neem

Balanites segyptiaca: heglig
Borassus aethiopicum: doleib - fan palm
Boswellia papyrifera: taraktarak - elephant tree

Calotropis procera: usher - toothbrush tree
Capparis decidus: tundub
Combretum spp.: subagh
Combretum cordafanum: habil
Cordia abyssinica: gambil
Cordia africana: andarab
Cymbopogon nervatus: naal

Dalbergia melanoxylon: babanus
Dichrostachys cinerania: kadada
Dichrostachysy glomerata: kaddad
Diospyros mespilliformis: goghan - ebony tree
Dolichos lablab: lubia - hyacinth bean

Eucalyptus spp.: kafur - eucalyptus

Ficus plumosa: (variety of fig)
Ficus populifolia: ( variety of fig)

Hllibiscus sabdariffa: kerkade - roselle hemp
Hyphaene thebaica: dom - doum palm

Lannea spp.: layoun

Pennisetum typhoideum: dukhn - bulrush millet
Phaseolus vulgaris: fasulia - haricot bean
Piliostigma reticulate: khof el gamal

Sclerocaria birrea: humeidh
Sorghum vergatum: adar
Sorghum vulgare: aura great millet
Sterculia setigera: terser
Striga hermonthica: buda - witchweed

Tamarindus indica: aradeib - tamarind tree
Techona grandis: teak

Vicia faba: ful masri - horse beans

Ziziphus spinachristi: sidr - crown of thorns tree

B. Glossary of Vernacular Words

angareeb - Sudanese bed

dar - home area or region of an ethnic or cultural group group

feddan - unit of area equivalent to 0.42 ha
gardud - semi-laterized clay loam soil
garralya - instrument used for threshing
gassab - aura straw

hafir - excavated hollow to store rain water, usually on clay land
hariq - clearing land by means of fire for cultivation
hosh - enclosure round a house or huts
hummra - desert grasses

jibraka-farm near the house, in the Nuba Mountains

kad - base pole in house building
kadanka - a kind of spade
kantar - unit of weight equivalent to 44.93 kg
khor - ravine or watercourse
kisra - thin sheets of bread made from aura
koum - heap, e.g. of charcoal
kujur - religious man or woman with magical powers, in the Nuba Mountains liha-bark used in house construction

marisa - beer made from dura
matrag - roof pole in house building ˙
nafir - communal event for various farming processes, associated particularly with drinking marisa

qoz - sandy areas, especially the fixed dunes of western Sudan

rakaba - hut where cooking is done
ras - head, or a load carried on the head
saraf - spring at the base of a hill, in the Nuba Mountains seluka-digging stick
sheiba - forked tree stem, used, for instance, in house building
sheikh - local leader, often headman of a village

turda - natural source of permanent water supply on the sandy qoz of Kordofan

wakil - agent, e.g. the person organizing farming as representative of the legal occupier

zaef - leaves of the dom and doleib palms, used for making mats and baskets
zahf sahrawi - desertification


Other UNU Publications of Interest

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by Heinz-Ulrich Thimm

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NRTS-1/UNUP-42 ISBN 92-808-0042-6
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Ecology in Development: A Rationale for Three- Dimensional Policy

by Brian Spooner

This monograph urges the integration of social and natural science approaches to ecological problems in development planning. It discusses the current state of ecological knowledge and theory in relation to development, chaining perceptions of human beings'n relation to nature, and the underlying moral problems of management and welfare.

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Obstacles to Tree Planting in Arid and Semi-arid Lands: Comparative Case Studies from India

by Jeffery Burley

A concise overview of the problems of meeting the growing need for timber, fodder, and fuel in arid and semi-arid lands. The contrast between India and Kenya is striking. This book will be valuable not only to technical specialists but to a much broader range of people concerned with self-sustaining development, particularly in arid and semiarid lands.

NRTS-18/UNUP-391 ISBN 92-808-0391-3
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Natural Resources Development in the Sahel: The Role of the United Nations System

by Lee H. MacDonald

This study examines the impact of development aid on natural resources (particularly agriculture, livestock, and forest) and human population in the Sahel. It also analyses the extent to which aid products contribute to the development of a strong, sustainable resource base. The focus is on United Nations programmes, which are compared with those of other multi-lateral donors.

NRTS - 20/UNUP - 442 ISBN 92-808-0422-7
21.4 x 28 cm, paper - bound, US$10. In press



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