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Social, Economic, and Institutional Aspects of Agro-forestry

Table of contents (105 p.)

Edited by J.K. Jackson


The United Nations University, 1984
ISBN 92-808-0502-9

This report was prepared within the framework of the United Nations University's Programme on the Use and Management of Natural Resources.

The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the United Nations University.United Nations University Press

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Agro-forestry at the United Nations university and its evolving role: introductory remarks

Position papers

Economic constraints and incentives in agro-forestry
Agro-forestry, the rural poor, and institutional structures
Some tenurial and legal aspects of agro-forestry
Education for agro-forestry

Other papers

The dynamics of the shifting cultivation, rural poor, cattle complex on marginal lands in the humid tropics
Considerations of social, economic, institutional, and legal aspects of agro-forestry in Venezuela
Observations on indigenous and modern agro-forestry activities in west Africa
Some policy implications of agro-forestry: a Ghana viewpoint
Agro-forestry aspects of the establishment of the green belt around Ouagadougou, upper volta
Agro-forestry in shifting cultivation control programmes in India
The forestry situation in Thailand
Constraints on the introduction of an agro-forestry element into traditional forms of shifting cultivation
Forestry and the rural community
AGRO-forestry activities in a multiple-use forest management project in the Philippines
The agro-forestry development plan and practices of PICOP
Agriculture, fuelwood, and conservation farming in the atzera range, lae, Papua New Guinea
Problems of agro-forestry in land-use planning
Participants and contributors

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