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Other UNU publications in the resource systems theory and methodology series

No. 2 Spatial Analysis for Regional Development: A Case Study in the Bicol River Basin of the Philippines
by Dennis A. Rondinelli

A variety of scientific techniques are used to analyse spatial linkages within the Bicol River basin and to describe inequalities in services, income, and opportunities in the region. Insights are provided into how, using such information, development projects can be designed to discourage the massive urban migration and increasing inequality that regularly accompany development efforts.

NRTS-9/UNUP-166 ISBN 92-808-0166-x 45 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$4

No. 3 Shifting Cultivation in Northern Thailand: Possibilities for Development
by Terry B. Grandstaff

Shifting cultivation systems pose a critical problem in much of the humid tropics. This book explores interactions between the environment and the socio-economic systems of different ethnic groups in northern Thailand, critically reviews proposals to improve shifting cultivation systems elsewhere, and makes recommendations appropriate to northern Thailand but of much wider interest.

NRTS-11/UNUP-192 ISBN 92-808-0192-9 44 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$6

No. 4 Economics of the Philippine Milkfish Resource System
by Kee Chai Chong, Ian R. Smith, and Maura S. Lizarondo

As the first attempt to deal comprehensively with the economics of the Philippine milkfish industry, this book examines the processes involved, with a particular focus on tech no-biol ogical considerations.

NRTS-15/UNUP-346 ISBN 92-808-0346-8
66 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$7

No. 5 Land Resources of the People's Republic of China
Edited by Kenneth Ruddle and Wu Chuanjun

This volume of papers by the Chinese participants in an international conference sponsored by the UN University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980 gives the physical and biological basis for the division of China into eight principal land-type regions and their agricultural use. Distinction is made between macro- and micro-landforms and other surface features, and the national territory is classified according to suitability, limitations, and potential for development for primary use.

NRTS-16/UNUP-349 ISBN 92-808-0349-2
84 pages, 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound, US$20


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