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Periodical Food and Nutrition Bulletin

The Food and Nutrition Bulletin, which incorporates and continues the former PAG Bulletin of the Protein-Calorie Advisory Group of the United Nations system, reports objectively on all aspects of global malnutrition problems and the broad programmes and new areas of activity needed for combating them. It provides technical information and specialized knowledge related to world hunger, generated both by specific programmes of the University and by other relevant activities, and provides a forum for scientists and scholars to raise and discuss important issues. It includes articles and abstracts of current research work of practical concern to the hunger problem and gives notice of the availability of research papers, reports, proceedings, and other publications of value in solving the problem of global malnutrition.

ISSN 0379-5721 Issued quarterly 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound Yearly subscription US$10.00 (airmail US$20.00) Single issue US$3.00

Volume 1, Number 1, October 1978 WHFNB-1/UNUP-15 ISBN 92-808-0015-9 52 pages
Volume 1, Number 2, February 1979 WHFNB-2/UNUP-19 ISBN 92-808-0019-1 48 pages
Volume 1, Number 3, May 1979 WHFNB-3/UNUP-45 ISBN 92-808-0045-0 44 pages
Volume 1, Number 4, August 1979 WHFNB-4/UNUP-52 ISBN 92-808-0052-3 59 pages
Volume 1, Number 5, November 1979 WHFNB-5/UNUP-95 ISBN 92-808-0095-7 59 pages


Protein-Energy Requirements under Conditions Prevailing in Developing Countries: Current Knowledge and Research Needs - FOOD AND NUTRITION BULLETIN SUPPLEMENT 1, July 1979

The purpose of this report is to indicate the current stage of knowledge regarding protein and energy requirements and appropriate dietary allowances for various populations living under the conditions prevailing in developing countries and consuming local diets It breaks new ground by bringing together much hitherto unevaluated original data - including to an important degree data generated by the World Hunger Programme's own research projects. In brief, it points up the fact that present international recommendations are inadequate because they fail to take sufficiently into account the protein-energy needs for recovery and catch-up growth following frequent acute and chronic infections and differences in the digestibility and protein quality of local diets. A principal function of the report is to provide suggestions for further needed research.

WHTR-1 /UNUP-18 ISBN 92-808-0018-3 73 pages, 165 x 23.5 cm, paper-bound US$3.00

Conservation and Development in Northern Thailand: Proceedings of a Programmatic Workshop on Agro-Forestry and Highland-Lowland Interactive Systems Edited by J. D. Ives, S. Sabhasri, and P. Voraurai

The Natural Resources Programme, through its associated institution Chiang Mai University, is undertaking an integrated study of the impact on environment of both physical processes and human social and economic interactions between lowlands and mountains in Northern Thailand, seeking more effective ways to utilize resources and improve the quality of life for the residents of the area, and at the same time to provide a model that can be adapted to similar environments elsewhere around the world. This book is a compilation of papers from a workshop on this subject held in Chiang Mai in November 1978, which was attended by experts in fields as diverse as anthropology, forestry, geomorphology, and agriculture.

NRTS-3/UNUP-77 ISBN 92-808-0077-9 21.4 x 28 cm, paper-bound US$10.00 To be published in January 1980.

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