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Appendix 2. Proposal for a 35-hour course in agro-forestry for agricultural students (third-year degree)

Prepared by P.A. Huxley, ICRAF

Lecture hours

A. Land, People, and the Environment-Early Man the Agro-forester 1
B. Plants, Animals, and Man 1
C. Modern Land-Use Systems and Factors Affecting Land Management 3
D. The Social and Economic Fabric 3
E. The Systems Approach to Land Use 3
F. The Occurrence and Exploitation of Heterogeneity-a Basic  
Consideration in Agro-forestry 1
G.Intercropping Concepts and Their Relevance to Agro-forestry Systems 3
H. The Perennial versus the Annual Plant Habit-Pros and Cons for  
Agro-forestry Land Use 3
I . Crop Physiological Aspects of Agro-forestry Systems 4
J. Soil and Environment Aspects of Agro-forestry Systems 3
K. Examples of Present-Day Agro-forestry Systems 2
L. Experimental Methods in Agro-forestry Research 2
M. Tree Raising/Tree Management 2
N. Multi-purpose Trees 1
O. Comparisons of Selected Local {Regional) Agricultural/Forestry/  
Agro-forestry Land-Use Systems 3

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