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Long-Distance Water Transfer
• A Chinese Case Study and International Experiences

Table of contents (432 p.)


Edited by:

Asit K. Biswas
Zuo Dakang
James E. Nickum
Liu Changming

Copyright 1983 United Nations University


Asit K. Biswas, Oxford


K.K. Framji, New Delhi; Yahia Abdel Mageed, Khartoum; Yutaka Takahasi, Tokyo; Gilbert F. White, Boulder, Colorado.

Selected Papers from the international Symposium held by the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), 7-11 September 1981, Lisbon, Portugal.
Editors: Leo R. Beard and W.H.C. Maxwell.

Volume 2: WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: Man and his Environment (Volume 1)
A selection of papers prepared for the IVth World Congress of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), 5-9 September 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Volume 3: LONG-DISTANCE WATER TRANSFER: A Chinese Case Study and International Experiences
Editors: Asit K. Biswas, Zuo Dakang, James E. Nickum and Liu Changming.

Proceedings of the National Symposium on River Basin Development, 4-10 December 1981, Dacca, Bangladesh.
Editor-in-Chief: Munir Zaman; Editors: Asit K. Biswas, Amjad H. Khan and Ainun Nishat.

Volume 5: RAIN AND STORMWATER HARVESTING IN RURAL AREAS: A Report by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Volume 6: WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: Man and his Environment (Volume 11)
Proceedings of the IVth World Congress, International Water Resources Association (IWRA), 5-9 September 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Editor: W. Hall C. Maxwell.


Front cover photograph shows China's Jiangdu Hydrojunction Project, transferring water from south to north.
(Credit: Zuo Dakang)

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Published in Chinese by Science Press, Beijing

To Walther Manshard as a mark of esteem for an eminent geographer and a token of true regard for a friend.



Chapter 1.Long-distance water transfer: problems and prospects

Chapter 2. The river Nile: main water transfer projects in Egypt and impacts on Egyptian agriculture

Chapter 3. Agricultural water management and the environment

Chapter 4. Japanese water transfer: a review

Chapter 5. The Texas water system: implications for environmental assessment in planning for interbasin water transfers

Chapter 6. China's south-to-north water transfer proposals

Chapter 7. Natural conditions in the proposed water transfer region

Chapter 8. Land use and crop allocation in the proposed water transfer region

Chapter 9. South-north water transfer project plans

Chapter 10. Environmental implications of water transfer

Chapter 11. Impact of water transfer on the natural environment

Chapter 12. Impact of south-to-north water transfer upon the natural environment

Chapter 13. Institutions and China's long-distance water transfer proposals

Chapter 14. The Chang Jiang diversion project: an overview of economic and environmental issues

Chapter 15. Water balance in the water transfer region

Chapter 16. Integrated evaluation of the surface and groundwater resources of the Hai and Luan He basins

Chapter 17. Preliminary estimation of natural runoff in the Huai He basin

Chapter 18. Shallow groundwater resources of the Huang-Huai-Hai plain

Chapter 19. Potential evaporation and field water consumption in the north China plain

Chapter 20. Analysis of storage for the regulation of surface water in the Huang-Huai-Hai plain for south-to-north water transfer

Chapter 21. Using ancient channels to regulate water through storage: the example of the Hebei plain

Chapter 22.On the problem of water supply in the Hai-Luan plain

Chapter 23. Some aspects of the necessity and feasibility of China's proposed south-to-north water transfer

Chapter 24. The atmospheric moisture balance in the proposed water transfer region

Chapter 25. The effect of south-to-north water transfer on saltwater intrusion in the Chang Jiang estuary

Chapter 26. An investigation of the water quality and pollution in the rivers of the proposed water transfer region

Chapter 27. Possible effects of the proposed eastern transfer route on the fish stock of the principal water bodies along the course

Chapter 28. Effect of diverting water from south to north on the ecosystem of the Huang-Huai-Hai plain

Chapter 29. An experimental study of improving the Saline-alkali soil in the Yucheng experimental area, Shandong province

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