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Proceedings of the Jakarta workshop on coastal resources management

Table of contents (106 p.)

Edited by Eric C. F. Bird and Aprilani Soegiarto

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)- The United Nations University 11 - 15 September 1979


The United Nations University, 1980
ISBN 92-808-0130-3

This report was published within the framework of the United Nations University's Programme on the Use and Management of Natural Resources. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the United Nations University.

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1. Introductory paper: The lipi-unu coastal resources management project

2. Opening addresses of the workshop

Report of the organizer
Opening remarks of the united nations university representative
Opening address of the chairman of the Indonesian institute of sciences

3. Main papers and discussions

Model development for integrated utilization of land-water interactive resource systems in the coastal part of the citarum watershed
Environmental problems related to the coastal dynamics of humid tropical deltas
Morphogenesis of the northern coastal plain of west Java between Cirebon and Jakarta: Its implications for coastal zone management
The oceanographic features of the coastal region between Jakarta and Cirebon


Socio-economic studies in Java in the context of a coastal resources evaluation
The mangrove ecosystem of the northern coast of west Java
The marine fishery resources of the north coast of west Java
The interpretability of landsat colour composite images for a geographical study of the northern coastal zone of west Java
Water-quality assessment of the cimanuk watershed

4. Invited papers and discussions

Socio-economic aspects of brackish-water fish culture in southeast Asia in comparison with the aquaculture system in Japan
Buginese colonization of Sumatra's coastal swamplands and its significance for development planning

5. Closing remarks

6. Appendices

Appendix 1: List of participants
Appendix 2: Excursion guide to the Cimanuk Delta complex, west Java
Appendix 3: Review of the field trip to the Cimanuk Delta

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