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Conservation and development in Northern Thailand
Proceedings of a Programmatic Workshop on Agro-Forestry and Highland-Lowland Interactive Systems, Held at Chiang Mai, Thailand, 13-17 November 1978

Table of contents (114 p.)

Edited by:
Jack D. Ives
Sanga Sabhasri
Pisit Voraurai


Contributing authors:
Michel Bruneau
E.C. Chapman
Vanida Chitman
Peter Hoare
Jack D. Ives
Peter Kunstadter
Walther Manshard
Bruno Messerli
Soeratno Partoatmodjo
Sanga Sabhasri
Harald Uhlig
Pisit Voraurai
Masatoshi M. Yoshino


© The United Nations University 1980

ISBN 92 - 808 0077 - 9

This report was published within the framework of the United Nations University's Programme on the Use and Management of Natural Resources. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the United Nations University.

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Editorial note

Programme on the use and management of natural resources
Highland-lowland interactive systems in the humid tropics and subtropics: The need for a conceptual basis for an applied research programme
Northern Thailand: The problem

Research reports

Implications of socio-economic, demographic. and cultural changes for regional development in northern Thailand
Agricultural intensification and the role of forestry in northern Thailand
Problems of land use and recent settlement in Thailand's highland-lowland transition zone
Cartographie de la dynamique des paysages dans les hautes et basses terres du nord de la Thaïlande
Mapping landscape dynamics in the highlands and lowlands of northern Thailand
Climatological, pedological, and geomorphological processes in tropical mountain ecosystems
Local climatological differences between highlands and lowlands in Thailand
Land use and its relationship to agriculture in Pangsa, Chiang Rai: A case study
Increasing farm production in the highlands of northern Thailand

Research and training requirements

Research and training in southeast Asia in relation to priority areas of the programme on the use and management of natural resources

On the significance of the watershed management approach in studying highland-lowland interactive systems

Review of current research on agriculture in the highlands of northern Thailand

Subcommittee reports, plenary discussion, and recommendations

Report by the subcommittee on documentation, training, and personnel
Report by the subcommittee on mapping and cover-type data requirements
Report by the subcommittee on climate, soil. and soil erosion data requirements
Report by the subcommittee on socio-cultural, demographic, and economic aspects
Plenary session

Huai Thung Choa highland project

The Huai Thung Choa highland project: Status and opportunities


Workshop participants, observers, and staff

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