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Managing Agrodiversity the Traditional Way: Lessons from West Africa in Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Related Natural Resources
Edwin A. Gyasi, Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Essie T. Blay and William Oduro
ISBN 92-808-1098-7
June 2004
  320 pages
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    Drawing on findings of nearly ten years of United Nations University Project on People, Land Management and Environmental Change (UNU/PLEC) multidisciplinary, participatory research work in West Africa (mainly Ghana), this book shows how, traditionally, farmers cultivate and conserve biodiversity while, at the same time, using the land for food production. It highlights PLEC interventions for sustaining agrodiversity for rural livelihoods, as it does lessons for teaching, policy and development planning.

    The book would appeal to policy makers and practitioners, and to university students and teachers, including those of agriculture, social science, biological science and others relating to environmental or natural resources management and sustainable development.

    Edwin A. Gyasi is a professor of geography and resource development, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra. Gordana Kranjac- Berisavljevic is Head, Department of Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Technology, University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana. Essie T. Blay is an associate professor, Department of Crop Science, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra. William Oduro is Director, Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi.


  • Preface
  • Part I: Methodological approaches and knowledge systems: Methodological approaches to the book
  • Philosophical foundations of biophysical resource use with special reference to Ghana
  • Traditional methods of resource assessment relative to the scientific
  • Farmer strategies of managing agrodiversity in a variable climate in PLEC demonstration sites in southern Ghana
  • Expert farmers and demonstration sites in conservation of biodiversity
  • Part II: Cropping Systems and Related Case Studies: Management regimes in southern Ghana
  • Yams: traditional ways of managing their diversity for food security in southern Ghana
  • Sustaining diversity of yams in northern Ghana
  • Conservation of indigenous rice varieties by women of Gore in the northern savanna zone, Ghana
  • Vegetables: traditional ways of managing their diversity for food security in southern Ghana
  • The proka mulching and no-burn system: A case study of Tano-Odumasi and Jachie
  • Managing the home garden for food security and as a germplasm bank
  • Management of trees in association with crops in traditional agroforestry systems
  • Preliminary observations on effects of traditional farming practices on growth and yield of crops
  • Effects of four indigenous trees canopy covers on soil fertility in a Ghanaian savanna
  • Comparative management of savanna woodland in Ghana and Guinea: a preliminary analysis
  • Agrodiversity within and without conserved forests for enhancing rural livelihoods
  • Part III: Social dimensions of resource management: Aspects of resource tenure that conserve biodiversity: the case of southern and northern Ghana
  • Resource access and distribution and the use of land in Tano-Odumase, central Ghana
  • The women environmental pace setters of Jachie
  • Part IV: Conclusion: Lessons learnt and future research directions


  • Edwin A. Gyasi
  • Alfred Oteng-Yeboah
  • Stephen Nkansa Buabeng
  • Edward Ofori-Sarpong
  • Felix Asante
  • Essie T. Blay
  • Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic
  • B. Z. Gandaa
  • B. Tanzubil
  • C. Quansah
  • W. Oduro
  • Lewis Enu-Kwesi
  • Vincent Von Vordzogbe
  • J. A. Poku
  • L. Asafo
  • E. Laing
  • Charles Anane-Sakyi
  • A. Sadik Abdulai
  • J. Saa Dittoh
  • D. Amirou
  • D. Daouda
  • Ben D. Ofori
  • John Heloo
  • J. B. Ofori
  • Emmanuel Nartey
  • William J. Asante
  • J. A. Bakang
  • K. A. Nkyi
  • Olivia Agbenyega
  • William Oduro

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