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Innovation, Learning and Technological Dynamism of Developing Countries
Edited by Sunil Mani and Henny Romijn
ISBN: 92-808-1097-9
  300 pages
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    This book employs a refreshingly new framework to identify cases of technological dynamism across a range of countries and industries. They vary from the recent growth of the computer software industry in India to the aircraft industry in Brazil. [READ MORE...]

    Sunil Mani is a Researcher at United Nations University/Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH), Maastricht.

    Henny Romijn is a Senior Lecturer at ECIS, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, in Eindhoven.


  • Introduction
  • Exports of high technology products from developing countries: Are the figures real or are they statistical artefacts?
  • Development strategies and innovation policies in globalisation: The case of Singapore
  • Evolution of civil aircraft manufacturing systems of innovation: A case study in Brazil
  • The political economy of technology policy: The automotive sector in Brazil (1950-2000)
  • Technological learning in small-enterprise clusters: Conceptual framework and policy implications
  • The contribution of skilled workers in the diffusion of knowledge in the Philippines
  • Understanding growth dynamism and its constraints in high technology clusters in developing countries: A study of Bangalore, Southern India
  • Culture, innovation, and economic development: The case of the South Indian ICT clusters


  • Sunil Mani
  • Marjolein C.J. Cani
  • s
  • Henny Romijn
  • Alexander Ebner
  • Rosane Argou Marques
  • Effie Kesidou
  • Niels Beerepooto
  • M. Vijayabaskar
  • Girija Krishnaswamy
  • Florian Arun Taeube

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