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East Asian Experience in Environmental Governance:
Response in a Rapidly Developing Region

Edited by Zafar Adeel
ISBN 92-808-1072-3
September 2003
  260 pages
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    The East Asian region has seen considerable growth in its economy, industrial base, and population in the last two decades. Interestingly, all three of these factors are often linked to over-exploitation and degradation of environmental resources. [READ MORE...]

    Zafar Adeel is an environmental engineer with post-graduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Iowa State University. He has experience in a variety of environmental issues, including solutions to industrial environmental problems, modeling of environmental systems, water pollution problems, and environmental policy development. Dr. Adeel serves as an Academic Programme Officer in the United Nations University, Tokyo.

    - Introduction to Environmental Governance Concepts in East Asian Context

    Section 1 - Case Studies for Pesticide Management in East Asia
    - The Malaysian Perspective on Management of Pesticides
    - The Chinese Perspective on Pesticides in the Environment
    - Thailand's Perspective on Pesticide in the Environment

    Section 2 - Case Studies for Water Resources in East Asia
    - Governance Scenario for Water Resources in Malaysia
    - Water - The Lifeline in Thailand

    Section 3 - Case Studies for Air Pollution in East Asia
    - Managing Air Pollution Problems in Korea
    - The Japanese Approach to Governance of Air Pollution Problems

    Section 4 - Prescriptions for Environmental Governance
    - Chemical Governance in East Asia
    - Future of Environmental Governance in East Asia

    Abdul Rani bin Abdullah
    Abdul Rashid Ahmad
    Hasnah Ali
    Quan Hao
    Meehye Lee
    Naori Nakamoto
    Glen Paoletto
    Saraswathy Sinnakkannu
    Monthip Sriratana Tabucanon
    Cindy Termorshuizen
    Makiko Yamauchi
    Huang Yeru

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