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Confronting Environmental Change In East and Southeast Asia: Eco-Politics, Foreign Policy, and Sustainable Development
Edited by: Paul Harris
ISBN: 92-808-1113-4
November 2004
  256 pages
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  • Description
    An edited collection of concise, hard-hitting essays by a group of international experts and scholars that address the politics and policy of environmental change and sustainable development in East and Southeast Asia.

    The book pays particular attention to the ways in which foreign policy and international relations theories help explain eco-politics and sustainable development in the region. Case studies cover environmental diplomacy in East Asia and strategies for sustainable development in Southeast Asia, including Japanese environmental policy, China's climate change diplomacy, the role of NGOs in shaping Thailand's policies on biodiversity, international assistance and marine environmental protection in Vietnam, sustainable development policy in Taiwan, and the role of community-based conflict management in environmental protection efforts in Papua New Guinea. p> Editor
    Paul Harris is an Associate Professor of Politics at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Confronting Environmental Change: Lessons from East and Southeast Asia
  • Part I: Environment, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in East Asia
  • Actors, Institutions and Forces
  • Environmental Politics and Foreign Policy in East Asia
  • A Survey of China and Japan
  • The Environment and Japanese Foreign Policy
  • Anthropocentric Ideologies and Changing Power Relationships
  • Japan and Global Climate Change
  • The Intersection of Domestic Politics and Diplomacy
  • Environmental Degradation and Security in Maoist China
  • Lessons from the War Preparation Movement
  • The 'Troubled Modernizer'
  • Three Decades of Chinese Environmental Policy and Diplomacy
  • 'Panda Diplomacy'
  • State Environmentalism, International Relations and Chinese Foreign Policy
  • Taiwan's International Environmental Policy
  • Balancing Trade and the Environment
  • Part II: Eco-Politics, International Relations and Strategies for Sustainable Development in East and Southeast Asia
  • China and the Climate Change Agreements: Science, Development and Diplomacy
  • Thailand and the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Non-governmental Organizations Enter the Debate
  • Mekong River Politics and Environmental Security
  • Protecting the Marine Environment
  • International Assistance and the Vietnam Sea
  • Sustainable Development in Canada and Taiwan
  • Comparative and International Perspectives
  • Community-based Conflict Management and Environmental Change: A Case Study from Papua New Guinea


  • Paul G Harris
  • Mika Mervio
  • Hiroshi Ohta
  • Judith Shapiro
  • Yuka Kobayashi
  • Jonathan Harrington
  • Wen-chen Shih
  • Ho-Ching Lee
  • Jak Sangchai o Peter Stoett
  • Tran Duc Thanh
  • Tran Dinh Lan
  • Pham Van Luong
  • Tse-Kang Leng
  • Phillip Scott Jones

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