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South Asia in the World: Problem Solving Perspectives on Security, Sustainable Development, and Good Governance
Edited by: Ramesh Thakur and Oddny Wiggen
ISBN: 92-808-1093-6
March 2004
  460 pages
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    The scale of the problems faced and the numbers of people involved in South Asia are so huge that success or failure in South Asia pose defining challenges to the core mandates of the United Nations as the global arena for problem-solving. Developments in South Asia cut across the major faultlines of the UN system with respect to the challenges of economic development, environmental protection, food and water security, democratic governance and human rights, nuclear war and peace, inter-state and internal conflicts, and new security issues like AIDS and international terrorism.

    South Asia in the World, presents issues of particular relevance to the region, and explores the potential for improvement both in domestic and international efforts at alleviating the problems of South Asia.

    Ramesh Thakur, is Vice Rector of the United Nations University, Tokyo and Head of the Peace and Governance Programme. Oddny Wiggen, is an academic programme associate in the Peace and Governance Programme of the United Nations University.

    Introduction: South Asia's manifold challenge to the International Community

  • South Asia in the family of nations
  • South Asia: Melting pot of global faultlines
  • Security: Nuclear weapons and nuclear war in South Asia: The unknown future
  • International security in a nuclear South Asia
  • National security: Interstate conflict in South Asia (A Nepali perspective)
  • Terrorism and political agitation in post-colonial South Asia: Jammu-Kashmir and Sri Lanka
  • South Asian contributions to United Nations peacekeeping operations: particular reference to India's participation
  • UN and South Asia: Bangladeshfs contribution to UN peacekeeping
  • Development: Pro-poor policies in South Asia
  • Trade and investment in South Asia
  • Governance: Democratic governance in South Asia: Problems and prospects
  • Pluralism, democracy and governance and South Asia: The case of Sri Lanka
  • Environment: Critical links between environment and development in South Asia
  • The environmental challenge to human security in South Asia
  • Diffusion of international peace? International rivers and bilateral relations in South Asia
  • Regional cooperation: Security organisation for South Asia (SOSA): Mechanism for conflict resolution in South Asia
  • SAARC as an institutional framework for cooperation in South Asia
  • Human security: Human security: The Perspective of children and women in South Asia
  • Child malnutrition and gender discrimination in South Asia: is the worst malnutrition linked to the worst gender discrimination in the world?
  • "Hum honge kamiyab... (We shall overcome...)": Non-government organizations, the state, and human security in India
  • '9/11', Afghanistan, and South Asia: Post-Taliban Afghanistan and South Asian security
  • South-west Asia after the Taliban
  • The changing geopolitics of Central, West and South Asia after 11 September
  • Towards a brighter future: Pakistan

    Ramesh Thakur
    Oddny Wiggen
    I.K. Gujral
    Sartaj Aziz
    Stephen P. Cohen
    Christophe Carle
    Lok Raj Baral
    Kingsley de Silva
    Lt.-Gen. Satish Nambiar
    Brig.-Gen. Syed Roomy
    Hafiz Pasha, Farooq Sobhan
    Riffat Zaman
    Gautam Adhikari
    Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
    Adeel Zafar
    Awais Piracha
    Adil Najam
    Ashok Swain
    Niaz A. Naik
    Nihal Rodrigo
    Manzoor Ahmed
    Santosh Mehrotra
    Rekha Datta
    Samina Ahmed
    Mohammed Ayoob
    Amin Saikal
    Samina Yasmeen
    G. Parthasarathy

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