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European journal of clinical nutrition

Causes and Mechanisms of Linear Growth Retardation Proceedings of an I/D/E/C/G/Workshop held in London January 15-18, 1993

Supplement Editors

J.C. Waterlow
B. Schürch

The scope of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition is to cover theoretical aspects of nutrition; relations of function to nutritional status; nutritional causes and effects of disease; the epidemiology of disease; community nutrition and education; the determinants of eating behaviour. In general, papers on animal nutrition will not be accepted unless they include parallel studies on human subjects.

The journal wild publish leading articles and reviews as well as submitted papers (see directions to contributors). There is no geographical preference for origin of published material. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition offers its pages to the international nutrition community. Correspondence will be published at the discretion of the Editors. Letters to the Editors may take two forms: they may either be very short reports (500 words) containing new material, or they may be comments on previous papers or on other topics of current interest. Short accounts of interesting and important meetings will also be accepted.

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor-in-chief, Professor J.S. Garrow, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Department of Human Nutrition, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BQ, England.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition publishes 12 monthly issues per year.

The Editors of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition require all contributors to read the following statement in conjunction with the 'Directions to contributors'.

Ethics of investigation on human subjects

Authors must state in the text of their paper the steps which they have taken to conform with accepted procedures for the maintenance of clinical standards. Consent must be obtained from each patient or subject after full explanation of the purpose, nature and risks of all procedures used. The fact that such consent has been given should be recorded in the paper.

If an Ethical Committee is in operation in the institution where the work was done, it should be stated in the paper that the protocol has been approved by that Committee. If no such Committee exists, this fact should also be stated in the paper.

The Editors have the right and the duty not to accept papers if, in their opinion, the ethical aspects are open to doubt.

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