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Food and Nutrition Bulletin

Volume 14, Number 4, December 1992

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Public health nutrition

Factors related to the duration of breast-feeding in Ankara, with special reference to sociocultural Aspects - Benal Büyükgebiz, Necla Çevik, and Olcay Oran
The impact of siblings' death on the nutrition status of children in Peru - Kees de Meer, Roland Bergman. John S. Kusner, and Willem H. P. Den Brinker
Household dietary adequacy and individual nutrition status: Relationships and seasonal effects in a Sahelian community in Chad - France Begin, Mariam Alladoumgué, Korite Nandjingar, and Helene Delisle
Intra-household food distribution among Guatemalan families in a supplementary feeding programme: Mothers' perceptions - Patrice L. Engle and Isabel Nieves
The utility of clinic-based anthropometric data for early/timely warning systems: A case study from Niger - Nancy Mock, Mahmud Khan, David Mercer, Robert Magnani, Shawn Baker, and William Bertrand
Country report: Maternal and child health and nutrition status in Mongolia - Yongyout Kachondam and Sakorn Dhanamitta

Nutrition policy

Urban-rural comparisons of nutrition status in the third world - Sarah J. Atkinson
The impact of women's employment status on household food security at different income levels in Ghana - Lawrence Haddad
Myanmar's experience with nutrition programming - Thyra Po and Michael Gurney

Human nutrition

Evaluation of nutritional energy requirements for Malaysia - Mohd. Ismail Noor

Food science

Acceptability of improved varieties of sorghum for consumption in northern Nigeria - L. A. Ega,A. F. Olatunde, and C. C. Nwasike
Contaminant iron in water and soil samples and in vitro availability studies - G. Oluyemisi Latunde-Dada
FNB note Errors in early infant nutrition in the world and in Czechoslovakia: The risk of development of hypertension in adolescence and adulthood - Rudolf Kohn

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