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Food and Energy: Strategies for Sustainable Development
by Ignacy Sachs and Dana Silk

This volume presents a new approach to the food-energy interface and the complex issues of food, energy, development, and environment. The authors analyse several systems designed to integrate, intensify, and increase the production of food and energy; suggest strategies to increase access of the urban poor to food and energy through innovative resource-conserving and employment-generating urban development; and consider ways of achieving new rural-urban configurations in the third world.

FEN-1/UNUP-757 ISBN 92 808-0757-9
92 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, paper
US$25 (Developing country price: $12.50)

Food Composition Data: A User's Perspective
Edited by William M. Rand, Carol T. Windham, Bonita W. Wyse, and Vernon R. Young

Knowledge of the composition of the foods eaten around the world is of critical importance for research and policy in public health, dietetics, and nutrition. Data on food composition, however, are extremely inadequate. This volume, examining the current problems of the field and what is needed to improve the situation, provides an essential introduction and survey of the subject for anyone who will be involved in gathering, compiling, or using food composition data. It will bee useful reference for university courses on food and nutrition.

WHTR-10/UNUP-633 ISBN 92-808-0633-5
236 pages, 16.4 x 23.9 cm, paper
US$20 (Developing country price: US$10)

Identification of Food Components for INFOODS Data Interchange
by John C Klensin, Diane Feskanich, Victor Lin, A. Stewart Truswell, and David A. T. Southgate

Intended to help remedy the glaring incompleteness or inaccessibility in many parts of the world of data on the nutrient composition of foods, this book makes available for the first time a comprehensive standardization of nomenclature for international nutrient data exchange. It provides a straightforward set of rules for identifying food components precisely and constructing data bases suitable for transfer between computers.

WHTR-14/UNUP-734 ISBN 92-808-0734-x
112 pages, 76.4 x 23.9 cm, paper
US$20 (Developing country price: US$10)

Intra-household Resource Allocation: Issues and Methods for Development Policy and Planning
Edited by Beatrice Lorge Rogers and Nina P. Schlossman

Emphasizing the importance of understanding how resources are distributed within the household in order to design successful development programmes, this 3-part study considers various conceptual approaches to the subject, examines different methods for collecting the information needed for analysing household resource al location, and focuses on such key variables as how members allocate time, individual food consumption, and household flexibility in adapting to external economic and social changes.

WHTR-13/UNUP-733 ISBN 92-808-0733-1
214 pages, 16.4 x 23.9 cm, paper
US$35 (Developing country price: US$17.50)

Research Methods in Nutritional Anthropology
Edited by Gretel H. Pelto, Pertti J. Pelto, and Ellen Messer

A comprehensive manual of anthropological methodologies applicable to field studies in nutrition, this volume describes strategies of field research in nutritional anthropology, determinants and cultural components of food intake, methods for collecting and analysing data on energy expenditures, and statistical methods for nutritional anthropology.

WHTR-9/UNUP-632 ISBN 92-808-0632-7
218 pages, 16.4 x 23.9 cm, paper
US$30 (Developing country price: US$ 15)

Effective Communications for Nutrition in Primary Health Care
Edited by Jean E Andersen and Aree Valyasevi

Concentrating on the experiences of developing countries, this book advocates the effective communication of nutrition and health information as a key component of primary health care. It provides a framework for evaluating nutrition communications needs, methodological guidelines, and suggestions for programme evaluation.

WHTR-11/UNUP-634 ISBN 92-808-0634-3
220 pages, 16.4 x 23.9 cm, paper
US$20 (Developing country price: US$10)

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