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Arid Zone Settlement in Australia
A Focus on Alice Springs

By D.N. Parkes, I. H. Burnley, and S. R. Walker

Based on studies in central Australia, this work focuses on human settlement in remote arid regions. It discusses ecological characteristics of urban zones in relation to urbanization; migration, attitudes, and lifestyles of settlers; and provision of community services.

UNUP-506 US$10.00 Sale Price $2.00
ISBN 92-808-0506-1
129 pp. / 1985 /paper

Conflict over Natural Resources in South-East Asia and the Pacific
Edited by Lim Teck Ghee and Mark J. Valencia

The book examines such factors as the role of the state and its development policies; militarization; the impact of the world economic crisis; the role of modern science and technology; and human rights and cultural survival.

UNUP-750 US$30 Sale Price $7.50
ISBN 0-19-588937-1
268 pp. / 1990 / cloth
Available only in Japan

Environmental Change and International Law
New Challenges and Dimensions

Edited by Edith Brown Weiss

In this study of the emerging international legal issues associated with global environmental change, a diverse group of eminent legal scholars and practitioners from around the world addresses the new directions in international environmental law and, to a lesser extent, in international institutions.

UNUP-815 cloth US$45 Sale Price $11.50
UNUP-815 paper US$35 Sale Price $8.75
ISBN-92-808-0815-X, cloth
ISBN 92-808-0818-4, paper
510 pp. / 1992 / paper, cloth

Ethnic Conflict and Human Rights
Edited by Kumar Rupesinghe

Arising from an international seminar on ethnic conflict and human rights, the book explores the question of ethnic conflicts and their relationship to human rights issues.

UNUP-694 US$30.00 Sale Price $6.00
ISBN 92-808-0694-7
175 pp. / 1988

Ethnicity and Nation-building in the Pacific
Edited by Michael C. Howard

This comprehensive study of ethnic issues in the Pacific region examines the individual political, economic, and historical conditions - in both pre- and post-colonial times - in the countries of the area.

UNUP-689 US$35 Sale Price $8.75
ISBN 92-808-0689-0
342 pp. / 1990

The Evolving New Global Environment for the Development Process
Edited by Mihaly Simai

The subject of this book is the changing global scene and its impact on different dimensions of the development process - economic growth, commodity production and trade, resource management and human capital formation, labour markets and female employment, foreign investment, development assistance, and development studies. The book offers an informative and compelling account of recent changes in development and the main political and economic trends shaping the international environment.

UNUP-888 US$25 Sale Price $6.50
ISBN 92-808-0888-5
154 pp. / 1995

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 11, Nos. 1-4

The Food and Nutrition Bulletin reports objectively on all aspects of global malnutrition problems and the broad programmes and new areas of activity needed for combating them; provides technical information and specialized knowledge related to world hunger, offers a forum for scientists and scholars; includes articles and abstracts of current research work of practical concern to the hunger problem; and also gives information on the availability of relevant research papers, reports, proceedings, and other publications.

ISSN 0379-5721 US$10.00 Sale Price $2.00 per issue
Nos. 1-2, 1989
Nos. 3-4, 1990

Food Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 12, Nos. 1-4

Nos. 1-2, 1990
Nos. 3-4, 1991
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 13, Nos. 1-4

Nos. 1-2, 1991
Nos. 3-4, 1992
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 14, Nos. 1-4

Nos. 1-2, 1992
Nos. 3-4, 1993
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 15, Nos. 1-4

Nos. 1-3, 1994
Nos. 4, 1995
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 16, Nos. 1-4

Vols. 1-2, 1995
Vols. 3, 1996
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Vol. 17, Nos. 1-4

Nos. 1-2, 1996
US$10.00 Sale Price $2.50 per issue

Food as a Human Right
Edited by Asbjørn Eide, Wenche Barth Eide, et al.

The focus is on the causes of hunger; the economic, social, and political dynamics of peripheral capitalism; and the nature of the world economic system. The book explores ways in which legal arguments in the human-rights field can be combined with developmentalists' concerns on both theoretical and practical levels.

UNUP-503 US$12.00 Sale Price $2.50
ISBN 92-808-0503-7
289 pp. / 1984

Food Composition Data
A User's Perspective

Edited by William M. Rand, Carol T. Windham, Bonita W. Wyse, and Vernon R. Young

Examines current problems and needs for improvement, providing an essential introduction and survey of the subject for those involved in gathering, compiling, or using food composition data.

UNUP-633 US$20 Sale Price $4.00
ISBN 92-808-0633-5
236 pp. / 1987

Food Price Policies and Nutrition in Latin America
Edited by Giorgio Solimano and Lance Taylor

This study analyses how food price policies affect the nutritional status of the populations of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It points out areas that need further research and suggests methods for conducting it that can be adopted by third world governments and seeks also to increase the awareness of industrialized countries of the impact of their international trade policies on the populations of developing countries.

UNUP-128 US$9.00 Sale Price $2.00
ISBN 92-808-0128-7
170 pp. / 1980

Forests, Climate, and Hydrology
Edited by Evan R.C. Reynolds and Frank B. Thompson

A group of hydrologists and climatologists from around the world undertake an objective and quantitative assessment of the effects of deforestation or reforestation on climate and hydrology and the regional extent of these effects. Attention is directed to improvements in experimental method and the collection of necessary data and in the application of computer models of atmospheric circulation for the simulation of climate effects of vegetation change.

UNUP-635 US$20 Sale Price $4.00
ISBN 92-808-0635-1
227 pp. / 1988

Global Transformation
Challenges to the State System

Edited by Yoshikazu Sakamoto

Studies on Multilateralism and the UN System

The underlying forces that helped to end the Cold War are internationalization, represented by the market, and democratization, which is rooted in civil society. Both have developed unevenly in modern history, giving rise to contradictions, particularly between capitalist internationalization and political democratization. The dialectic of these two forces poses challenges to the basic framework of the modern international order - the state system. These challenges form the main themes of this book.

UNUP-855 US$35.00 Sale Price $17.50
ISBN 92-808-0855-9
520 pp. / 1994

History of the United Nations University
A Personal Perspective

Edited by C.V. Narasimhan

This historical account of the University's first twenty years is the unique viewpoint of one who has been involved with the University from its inception. It also recounts the early operations of the institution, describing in particular the work of key individuals, and then touches briefly on its present work and those involved.

UNUP-837 US$25 Sale Price $6.50
ISBN 92-808-0837-0
176 pp. / 1994

The Impact of Economic Development on Rural Women in China
By the All-Women's China Federation

This report examines some of the effects of recent economic and social changes in China on women in two areas of the country with different levels of economic development -focusing on their education, occupations, marriage and family relations, and attitudes and outlook - and finds evidence both of real differences over time and of the persistence of older patterns.

UNUP-812 US$15 Sale Price $3.50
ISBN 92-808-0812-5
94 pp. / 1993

Industrial Metabolism
Restructuring for Sustainable Development

Edited by Robert U. Ayres and Udo E. Simonis

This ground-breaking study presents a new way of looking at one of humanity's most serious challenges: industrial development in the face of global environmental change.

UNUP-841 US$35.00 Sale Price $8.75
ISBN 92-808-0841-9
390 pp. / 1994

Industrial Pollution in Japan
Edited by Jun Ui

The Japanese Experience Series


This publication describes and analyses the negative side-effects of Japan's rapid technological and industrial development since the Meiji period. It examines the socio-economic and technological causes of ecological damage through case-studies of several examples of industrial pollution in the process of Japan's modernization.

UNUP-548 US$40.00 Sale Price $10.00
ISBN 92-808-0548-7
198 pp. / 1992 / cloth

The Japanese Experience in Technology
From Transfer to Self-reliance

By Takeshi Hayashi

The Japanese Experience Series


In an effort to provide some answers to the question of how Japan was able to industrialize and achieve technological superiority so quickly, the book examines technology and development in Japan from the Meiji period to the present. The author focuses on such key aspects as iron and steel, transportation, textiles, mining, financial institutions, rural and urban society, small-scale industry, female labour, education, general trading companies, and technology policy.

UNUP-566 US$40.00 Sale Price $10.00
ISBN 92-808-0566-5
296 pp. / 1990 / cloth

Kaku-jidai no heiwa o motomete
[In Search of Peace in the Nuclear Age]

Edited by Nagai Michio

Addressing the dangers of nuclear warfare and the paramount need for securing peace, the papers in this volume are by scientists, statesmen, and ordinary citizens, including A-bomb survivors.

UNUP-515 ´900 (US$7.31) Sale Price $1.50
ISBN 4-13-038082-6
236 pp. / 1984 / cloth

Latin America Today
Edited by Pablo González Casanova

This volume analyses the problems and prospects of contemporary Latin America based on five related themes: (1) the economic crisis; (2) the democratization process and the changing nature of the state; (3)the rise of social movements; (4) the dialectics of culture and power; and (5) the new conflicts and underlying contradictions in Latin America today. UNUP-819 US$35 Sale Price $8.75
ISBN 92-808-0819-2
312 pp. / 1993
Available only in Japan and Asia

Meiji Ishin
Restoration and Revolution

Edited by Nagai Michio and Miguel Urrutia

Series on Social Transformation: 1

This work brings together divergent ideas on the Meiji Restoration, which is viewed variously as a national cultural revolution and as the replacement of a feudal regime by one of capitalist imperialism.

UNUP-533 US$20.00 Sale Price $4.00
ISBN 92-808-0533-9
255 pp. / 1985 / cloth

Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid Lands
Case Studies from the Sudan

Edited by H.R.J. Davies

These four case-studies elaborate on pressing problems of dryland resource management in developing countries.

UNUP-504 US$15 Sale Price $3.00
ISBN 92-808-0504-5
84 pp. / 1985

Ocean Governance
Sustainable Development of the Seas

Edited by Peter Bautista Payoyo

This book examines the institutional implications of sustainable development of the oceans. The book explores the national, regional, and global dimensions of ocean governance and draws attention to the basic issues and approaches concerned with achieving the difficult long-term institutional integration for the long-term sustainability of the seas. This study makes a strong case for the critical importance of the oceans in any strategy aimed at a new, sustainable world order.

UNUP-847 US$35 Sale Price $9.00
ISBN 92-808-0847-7
416 pp. / 1994

Outer Space
A Source of Conflict or Cooperation?

Edited by Bhupendra Jasani

This volume is a highly technical treatment of outer space technologies and their implications for conflict and peace that complements other studies focused more on political, economic, and social dimensions. Touching on developments in remote sensing, satellites, and space weapons, as well as the legal/treaty background of outer space and its peaceful use, it covers civil space and its implications, and international cooperation and arms control.

UNUP-759 US$35 Sale Price $9.00
ISBN 92-808-0759-5
278 pp. / 1991

The Role of Labour-intensive Sectors in Japanese Industrialization
Edited by Johzen Takeuchi

The Japanese Experience Series

This study of the general development of industrialization in pre-war Japan, with special reference to the place of small-scale and labour-intensive industries, highlights a unique aspect of the history of Japan's economic growth.

UNUP-512 US$40.00 Sale Price $10.00
ISBN 92-808-0512-6
230 pp. / 1992 / cloth

The State and Cultural Transformation
Perspectives from East Asia

Edited by Hirano Ken'ichiro

This volume presents the results of an international joint research project conducted by 19 social scientists from China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The subject of their study is the process and effects of modernization in their respective countries. In particular, the emphasis is on the transformation of cultures as a part and result of efforts to modernize and on the part played by the state.

UNUP-773 US$38 Sale Price $10.00
ISBN 92-808-0773-0
368 pp. / 1993

Technological Independence
The Asian Experience

Edited by Saneh Chamarik and Susantha Goonatilake

Focusing on the importance of technology as a key to development, this volume examines the experiences, efforts, and perspectives of technological development in six Asian countries: China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand.

UNUP-758 US$30 Sale Price $7.50
ISBN 92-808-0758-7
378 pp. / 1994

Technological Innovation and the Development of Transportation in Japan
Edited by Hirofumi Yamamoto

The Japanese Experience Series

Covering a period of 120 years, this work describes and analyses the modern development of transportation in Japan. Divided into eight historical stages, the survey traces the development of road, river, coastal, and rail transport.

UNUP-551 cloth US$40 Sale Price $10.00
ISBN 92-808-0551-7
309 pp. / 1993 /cloth

Technology Change and Female Labour in Japan
Edited by Masanori Nakamura

Spanning the period from the early states of Japanese industrialization to the post-war years, this unique study provides an account of how new technologies up until the Second World War resulted in the replacement of women workers by machines, while technological innovation after the war created employment opportunities for women.

UNUP-553 cloth US$33 Sale Price $8.50
ISBN 92-808-0553-3
217 pp. / 1994 / cloth

Tropical Home Gardens
Edited by Kathleen Landauer and Mark Brazil

Home garden refers to a garden established near living quarters to serve primarily household consumption needs. The present volume reviews all currently available information and research results on home gardens in South and South-East Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the tropical Pacific Islands, identifies areas in need of more extensive research, and makes recommendations for the successful encouragement and implementation of home garden programmes.

UNUP-732 US$30 Sale Price $7.50
ISBN 92-808-0732-3
274 pp. / 1991

The Uncertain Quest
Science, Technology, and Development

Edited by Jean-Jacques Salomon, Francisco R. Sagasti, and Céline Sachs-Jeantet

The first-of-a-kind sourcebook gathers together the perspectives and expertise of an international body of specialists in science and technology policy to examine the role of science and technology in development, and assess their social, economic, and political dimensions.

UNUP-835 US$35 Sale Price $9.00
ISBN 92-808-0835-4
544 pp. / 1994

Urban Crime
Global Trends and Policies

Edited by Hernando Gomez Buendia

On the basis of case-studies of eight cities - Bangkok, Bogotá, Lagos, Nairobi, San Josˇ, Singapore, Tokyo, and Warsaw - the authors present an analysis of crime trends, innovative measures adopted by state and local communities in preventing and controlling crime, the functioning of criminal justice systems, and, finally, juvenile delinquency.

UNUP-679 US$45 Sale Price $11.50
ISBN 92-808-0679-3
462 pp. / 1990

Women, Households and Change
Edited by Eleonora Masini and Susan Stratigos

In the first part of this volume, the reader is introduced to the life-course and time-allocation approaches that were used in undertaking the research for this study. The second part consists of case-studies on the impact of macro-events on women and households in 7 countries - Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya.

UNUP-766 US$30 Sale Price $7.50
ISBN 92-808-0766-5
258 pp. / 1991

The World Steel Industry Today
By Faysal Yachir

Studies in African Political Economy

An analysis of the nature and causes of the crisis in the steel industry in the industrially advanced countries and its impact on the evolution of the steel industry in developing countries is provided, including a special chapter on the steel industry in Africa.

UNUP-645 US$39.95 Sale Price $8.00
ISBN 0-86232-608-7
94 pp. / 1988 cloth
Available only in Japan

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