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ISBN 92-808-0848-6
1995, 582 pages
US$38, paper
Regions at Risk
Comparisons of Threatened Environments
Edited by Jeanne X. Kasperson, Roger E. Kasperson, and B.L. Turner II
UNU Studies on Critical Environmental Regions

Human-induced environmental change is to be found throughout the world, but there are areas that scientists consider to be "critical regions" ; regions that are particularly vulnerable to or suffering from environmental degradation. In this volume nine such "critical environmental regions" (Amazonia, the Aral Sea basin, the middle mountains of Nepal, Kenya's Ukambani region, the US Southern High plains, the Mexico Basin, the North Sea, the Ordos plateau of China, and the eastern Sundaland region of South-East Asia) are examined as case-studies. Formal definitions are proposed of the concepts of environmental criticality and endangerment in the opening chapter, and the physical and social realities of the nine regions are detailed in the subsequent chapters.

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