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Mangrove Management and Conservation: Present and Future
Edited by Marta Vannucci
ISBN 92-808-1084-7
October 2003
  220 pages
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  • Description
    A long-term management plan for the sustainable use of mangrove ecosystems is urgently needed. Monitoring, research, and evaluation are vital components of a successful conservation strategy for natural, managed, and man-made mangrove forests. [READ MORE...]

    Marta Vannucci is a retired Professor of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and retired Senior Expert in Marine Sciences of UNESCO. She is Honorary Advisor to ISME, (International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems), Okinawa, Japan.

    Introduction Part I : The Mangrove Ecosystem : Structure and Function Some Ecological Aspects of the Morphology of the Pneumatophores of Sonneratia and Avicennia Introduction of Sonneratia Species in Guangdong Province, China Research and Conservation of mangrove Ecosystems in Indonesia The Status of Indian Mangroves: Pollution Studies of the Pichavaram Mangrove, southeast coast of India The Role of Aquatic Animals in Mangrove Ecosystems Effects of Mangrove Restoration and Conservation on the Biodiversity and Environment at Can Gio, Ho chi MInh Below-ground Carbon Sequestration of Mangrove Forests in the Asia-Pacific Region Part II : Function and Management Sustainable Use and Management for Conservation of Mangroves in Thailand The Role of the National Government in Economic Development of Mangrove sin Fiji The Conflicting Interests of Mangrove Resource Use in Pakistan The Mangrove: A Difficult Ecotone between Fishermen and Cattle Rangers Co-management of Coastal Fishery Resources in Tropical and Sub-Tropic Regions Mangrove Rehabilitation and Management of Coastal Resources: The Mabinicandijayi Project, and a case study of the Co-management arrangements in Congton Bay, Philippines Part III : Uses and Policies Towards Sustainable Use and Management for Mangrove Conservation Mangrove Forestry Research in Bangladesh A Socio-economic Study on the Utilization of Mangrove Forests in the Asia-Pacific Region Sustainable Mangrove Management in Indonesia. A Case Study on Mangrove Planting and Aquaculture - Summary of Presentations Conservation of Mangroves in the Asia-Pacific Region Guidelines for future action Mangrove Action Plan

    Zafar Adeel Marta Vannucci Shigeyuki Baba Kakehisa Nakamura Reiko Minagawa Sonjai Havanond Zhongyi Chen Ruijiang Wang Zebin Miao Aprilani Soegiarto A. N. Sububramanian Shigemitsu Shokita Phan Nguyen Hong Kiyoshi Fujimoto Sanit Aksornkoae Mesake Senibulu Mohammad Tahir Qureshi Patricia Moreno-Casasola Jurgenne H. Primavera Shinichiro Kakuma Robert S. Pomeroy Brenda M. Katon Motohiko Kogo Kiyomi Kogo A.F.M. Akhtaruzzaman Kazuhiro Ajiki Atsuo Ida Thabit S. Masoud Robert G. Wild

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