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Won the prestigious Notable Government Documents Awards for 2000
awarded by the Library Journal, a publication of the American Library Association.
ISBN 92-808-1050-2
2000, 600 pages
Paper; US$39.95
Kosovo and the Challenge of Humanitarian Intervention
Selective Indignation, Collective Action, and International Citizenship

Edited byAlbrecht Schnabel and Ramesh Thakur

The Kosovo conflict has the potential to redraw the landscape of international politics, with significant ramifications for the UN, major powers, regional organizations, and the way in which we understand and interpret world politics. Can the veto now effectively be circumvented to launch selective enforcement operations? Can the humanitarian imperative be reconciled with the principle of state sovereignty? This book offers interpretations of the Kosovo crisis from numerous perspectives: the conflict-parties, NATO allies, the immediate region surrounding the conflict, and further afield. Country perspectives are followed by scholarly analyses of the longer-term normative, operational, and structural consequences of the Kosovo crisis for world politics.

"This volume is an extraordinarily rich contribution to the necessary debate about the Kosovo War. The editors have brought together a varied group of talented specialists who approach the difficult subject-matter of humanitarian intervention from many angles. I find this book to be the most illuminating overall assessment of Kosovo that is currently available, and indespensable for anyone who wants to understand world order since the fall of the Berlin Wall."
- Richard A. Falk Princeton University

"This volume represents what some of the best scholarship in international relations could offer. In addition to providing a comprehensive account of the crisis, it also raises provocative questions challenging readers to rethink traditional concepts about world politics."
- James T.H. Tang University of Hong Kong

"The book will be the richest source of analyses of the various aspects of the war over Kosovo."
- Sverre Lodgaard Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Albrecht Schnabel is Academic Programme Officer in the Peace and Governance Programme of the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan. Ramesh Thakur is Vice Rector of the United Nations University and head of the University's Peace and Governance Programme.

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