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ISBN 92-808-1060-X
2001, 440 pages
US$36.95, paper
Globalization and the Sustainability of Cities in the Asia Pacific Region
Edited by Fu-chen Lo and Peter J. Marcotullio

In this volume, scholars from around the region analyse the impacts of globalization on cities in the Asia Pacific. This collection of essays forms a useful, comprehensive, and ambitious study, focusing on the region's specific urban concerns and on broader theoretical issues surrounding social and environmental conditions in major metropolitan centres.

The first part of the book examines globalization, foreign direct investment, international migration, and the question of cities and their changing patterns and meanings. Each chapter provides a broad set of dynamics that cut across the world and find particular expression in the Asia Pacific region. The later sections of the book focus on particular types of cities. First among these is the post-industrial capital-exporting city, with Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei as examples. The second is the borderless or entrepôt city, citing Hong Kong and Singapore, whose special status as city-states has allowed a unique type of growth. The industrial city is exemplified by chapters on Shanghai, Jabotabek, and Bangkok, cities that have experienced very high globalization-driven growth but have also become highly polluted environments, in sharp contrast with Singapore and the central area of Hong Kong. The final section focuses on amenity cities: Sydney and Vancouver are the two cases examined. These chapters demonstrate how environmental awareness can be a part of urban growth, and provide evidence that globalization is not promoting urban environmental and social sustainability.

Globalization and the Sustainability of Cities in the Asia Pacific Region demonstrates the growing interconnections among cities in the region that have come about as a result of globalization. It raises implications for the study of social and environmental conditions as well as economic growth in cities. Sustainable urban development requires more than good management and local politics; increasingly it demands national, regional, and global interventions.

Fu-chen Lo is the former deputy director of the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies, Tokyo. He is currently the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative to Japan. Peter J. Marcotullio is a Fellow and Urban Programme Manager at the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies, Tokyo.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction
Overview Chapters
- Globalization and urban transformation in the Asia Pacific region
- FDI in Asia in boom and bust
- International migration, urbanization and globalization in the Asia Pacific region: A preliminary framework for policy analysis

Case Studies: The post industrial capital exporters
- The Impact of Globalization and issues of metropolitan planning in Tokyo
- Globalization and the sustainability in the Asia Pacific Region: The case of Seoul
- Urban Population in Taiwan and the growth of Taipei metropolitan area
The entrepot borderless cities
- Increasing globalization and the growth of the Hong Kong extended metropolitan region
- Singapore: Global city and service hub

The Industrial cities
- Globalization and the sustainable development of Shanghai
- Globalization and the sustainability of Jabotabek, Indonesia
- The extended Bangkok region: Globalization and sustainability

The amenity cities
- Globalization and the sustainability of cities in the Asia Pacific region: The case of Sydney
- From village on the edge of the rainforest to Cascadia: Issues in the emergence of a livable sub-global World City
- Globalization and sustainability 0f cities in the Asia Pacific region


Sung Woong Hong
Terry G. McGee
Chong-Tong Wu
Tetsuo Kidokoro
Takashi Onishi
Won-yong Kwon
Chung-lung Tsay
Victor F.S. Sit
Chia Siow Yue
Ning Yuemin
Budhy T.S. Soegijoko
B.S. Kusbiantoro
Sauwalak Kittiprapas
Peter A. Murphy

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