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Financing for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Edited by Andrés Franco
ISBN 92-808-1062-6
  152 pages
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    What is the role and what are the sensitivities and perspectives of LAC in regard to financing for development? Financing for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean attempts to provide a comprehensive answer to this question, taking into account the need to prevent external crisis in the future, to reduce the vulnerability of the region, to reform the international financial system, and to minimize the social impact of these factors. [READ MORE...]

    Andrés Franco is Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations in New York.

    Introduction: Financing for Development on the Agenda of the RIO Group • The International Conference on Financing for Development • The Role of the United Nations in Financing for Development: An Institutional Approach • Regional Trends in Global Perspective • The Role of Regional Development Financial Institutions • The International Financial Architecture: Towards the Creation of a Stable Framework for Financial and Exchange Markets • External Indebtedness and Economic and Social Development • Intra- and Extraregional Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America • Financing for Development in Latin America: A View from the Private Sector • Report on the Authors Round Table held at Columbia University.

    Manuel R. Agosín • Guillermo Fernández de Soto • Andrés Franco • Enrique García • Robert Grosse • Fidel Jaramillo • Federico Kaune • Arvid Lukauskas • Osmel Manzano • María E. Mujica • José Antonio Ocampo • Oscar R. de Rojas • Gert Rosenthal

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