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ISBN 92-808-0911-3
1998, 392 pages
US$29.95, paper
Environment, Energy, and Economy:
Strategies for Sustainability
Edited by Yoichi Kaya & Keiichi Yokobori

This book discusses short-term and long-term measures for the economy and the directions of development in developing as well as industrialized countries. It looks at various aspects of the interrelationship among the environment, energy requirements, and economic development, a topic much debated since the Rio Earth Summit.

This volume emphasizes such issues as the growing importance of developing countries in energy consumption and increased stress on the environment; the likelihood of growing energy requirements and associated environmental burdens, including higher greenhouse gas emissions; and the impact of deforestation and desertification on rural societies in developing countries.

It also considers the role of new technologies in solving the dilemmas of energy, economic development, and the environment; and it discusses the need for removing technological, market, and social barriers to achieve sustainable development. The book argues for further scientific research and methodological studies, such as climate and econometric model enhancement, to address these crucial issues.

Yoichi Kaya is a professor at Keio University, Tokyo, and president of the Japan Society of energy and Resources. Keiichi Yokobori is president of the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre.

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