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Enhancing Global Governance: Towards a New Diplomacy?
Edited by Andrew Cooper, John English, and Ramesh Thakur
ISBN 92-808-1074-X
  388 pages
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    Enhancing Global Governance analyses the means by which global governance has been promoted by innovative diplomatic practices. What makes this dynamic more compelling, and worthy of study, is that the impetus for a new diplomacy has not emerged on a top-down basis. [READ MORE...]

    Andrew F. Cooper is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo. John English is co-director of the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism at the University of Waterloo and Professor of History. Ramesh Thakur is Head of the Peace and Governance Programme and Vice Rector of the United Nations University, Tokyo.

    Like Minded Nations, NGOs, and the Changing Pattern of Diplomacy within the UN System: An Introductory Perspective; EThe Future of the UN Security Council: Questions of Legitimacy and Representation in Multilateral Governance; The New Diplomacy at the United Nations: How Substantive? Why is the USA not a Like-Minded Country? Some Structural Notes and Historical Considerations; Global Civil Society and the Ottawa Process: Lessons from the Movement to Ban Anti-Personnel Mines; The United Nations, NGOs, and the Land-Mines Initiative: An Australian Perspective; Harnessing Social Power: State Diplomacy and the Land-Mines Issue; Peace, Justice, and Politics: The International Criminal Court, New Diplomacy,and the UN System; Between Counter-Hegemony and Post-Hegemony: The Rome Statute and Normative Innovation in World Politics; Industry Regulation and Self-Regulation: The Case of Labour Standards; Negotiating a Code of Conduct: A Canadian Experience; Doing the Business: The International Chamber of Commerce, the United Nations, and the Global Compact; Codes of Conduct and Children in Armed Conflict; Smarter, Sharper, Stronger? UN Sanctions and Conflict Diamonds in Angola; Security in the New Millennium.

    "...stand out as contributions that catch the intensity of the debates, and whose analysis has stood the test of time."

    Sven Gunnar Simonsen, Journal of Peace Research, volume 40 number 5 September 2003.

    "This incisive and discerning book ... explains the innovative approaches that "like-minded" nations and non-governmental organizations are teaming up to enhance global governance."
    - Human Nature Review 2003 Volume 3

    "Quite outstanding and informative - a must for anyone wishing to understand the roles and potential of NGOs and civil society in global governance." Professor Roger Coat, Director, Walker Institute of International Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia USA."

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    Alistair Edgar
    Virginia Haufler
    Brian Hocking
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