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From Civil Strife to Civil Society: Civil and Military Responsibilities in Disrupted States
Edited by William Maley, Charles Sampford, and Ramesh Thakur
ISBN 92-808-1070-7
  360 pages
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    Civil and military actors have different organizational cultures and standard operating procedures and are confronted with the need to work together to perform tasks to which different actors may attach quite different priorities. [READ MORE...]

    William Maley is Associate Professor of Politics, University College, University of New South Wales, Canberra.

    Charles Sampford is Foundation Professor of Law and Head of the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University, Brisbane.

    Ramesh Thakur is Head of the Peace and Governance Programme and Vice Rector of the United Nations University, Tokyo.

    -Part 1: The Problem of Disrupted States
    -Part 2: Challenges for the Military in Disrupted States
    -Part 3: Ending Violence
    -Part 4: Reconstituting Political Order
    -Part 5: Reconstituting Legal Order
    -Part 6: Reconstituting Social Order
    -Part 7: Transition to Civil Order

    Amin Saikal
    Paul F. Diehl
    Thomas E. Seal
    Frederick M. Burkle, Jr
    Cees de Rover
    Helen Durham
    Reginald Austin
    Mark Plunkett
    Michael Kelly
    Lorraine Elliot
    Fiona Terry
    Samuel M. Makinda
    Adrien Whiddett
    Martin P. Ganzglass

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