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ISBN 92-808-0946-6
1997, 306 pages
US$19.95, paper
China in the Twenty-first Century:
Politics, Economy, and Society

Edited by Fumio Itoh

China has experienced tremendous change during the era of the People's Republic, particularly during the past 15 years, a period in which it has begun a shift from a centrally planned economy to a market-oriented system. This book, based on an international symposium held at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, attempts to form a picture of the landscape of China in the twenty-first century. The book, it is hoped, will contribute to a fuller understanding of China's present condition and provide an opportunity for further thinking on the course of China in the twenty-first century.

Fumio Itoh is Professor of Marketing and Dean of the School of International Politics, Economics, and Business at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo.

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