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Beyond Violence: Conflict Resolution Process in Northern Ireland
Mari Fitzduff
UNU Policy Perspectives
ISBN 92-808-1078-2
  252 pages
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  • Voted winner of the prestigious American Library Association (ALA) Notable Government Documents Award 2002.

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    After almost thirty years of bloody conflict, the opposing parties in Northern Ireland eventually signed an agreement about how to share power, thus bringing to an end the conflict that had claimed so many lives and caused such human suffering. But what brought the conflict to an end? And what were the processes of conflict resolution that enabled Northern Ireland to move beyond violence and agree to such a settlement? [READ MORE...]

    Mari Fitzduff is the Director of UNU/INCORE, an international conflict research centre and a joint initiative of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University. She is also a Professor of Conflict Studies at the University of Ulster. A former Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, Mari Fitzduff has undertaken consultancies on conflict resolution work in the Basque Country, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Indonesia, Baltics, and the CIS States, and is utilized as an international expert by many international organizations working in the fields of conflict.

    A Divided Island • Equity Work • Community Dialogue and Cooperation • The Next Generation • Cultural Traditions • Policing the Conflict • Challenging the Armed Struggle • Political Initiatives - Tracks One and Two • Training for Change • Peace by Piece? • Lessons Learned

    "Crammed with good sense and benefits from a mass of experience on the author’s part. Anyone who wants to know the ground rules for conflict resolution would do well to start here. This world needs clear no-nonsense analysis of the complexities of securing a peaceful world. Mari Fitzduff has provided it."
    - Peace and Conflict Monitor

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