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Edited by Japan Environmental Council

The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007

The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007

The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007
Edited by Japan Environmental Council

ISBN 978-92-808-1187-2
360 pages; paper; US$36.00
December 2009

Table of Contents

Sample chapter (778 KB PDF)

The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007 is the fourth in a series of publications on Asia’s environmental landscape. Originally published in Japanese as Ajia Kankyo Hakusho 2006/2007, this English-translated edition serves as an indispensible source of information on the Asian environment and offers pertinent commentaries on such wide-ranging issues as public health, water supply, sanitation, wildlife trade, renewable energy, CDM projects, and environmental laws and treaties.

Four important messages emerge from this volume, namely that environmental problems are expected to become more serious as Asian economies continue their rapid growth, the root cause of such problems is the present pattern of economic development and resource use, climate change presents both a crisis and an opportunity for the region, and intraregional and subregional cooperation in Asia must be greatly enhanced.

Despite the breadth of topics covered and the vastly different socioeconomic and environmental conditions found throughout Asia, this book offers a broad yet sufficiently detailed overview of the environment in Asia. Like its predecessors in the series, The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007 succeeds in bringing greater clarity to the region’s environmental situation and offers practical steps for thinking locally and acting regionally in global partnership for sustainable development.

“The uniqueness of this volume lies in its vast collection of contributors from across Asia, including academics, independent experts and environmental NGOs. From this base, strong emphasis is given to information gathering and data collection by way of field visits and direct contact with local peoples concerned.”
—Hisakazu Kato, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University

Japan Environmental Council (JEC), founded in 1979, conducts research, holds conferences, and makes policy recommendations on the subject of the environment. JEC was awarded the “Environment for Tomorrow Prize 2005” by the Asahi Shimbun.

Table of contents

Foreword to the English-language edition, Shun’ichi Teranishi

Preface: Switching to a cyclical resource-conserving socioeconomic system, Michikazu Kojima

Part I: Asia by theme

Part II: Asia by country and region

Part III: Data and commentary

Afterword, Makoto Inoue

Translator’s afterword: Redefining development in the age of peak oil, Rick Davis


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